S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Monday, May 24, 2010


Great night mixing it up at S&S last Thursday... JJ ended up with a first, while Frank smoked with a second place podium and two third place podiums. Jr. nabbed a first and second place, while Sr. pinned a first, second and a third place podium.  Dean ran a solid, "quazi" race for Chip, hope to see him at the driver's stations this week.  This week is our final points week and consists of DTM Lighted, LMP and FLY Capris.  S&S is going to host a "FUNROCK" night, featuring up to five IROC classes to drive, FLY Chevrons, Corvettes, RACE Porsche GT1's and NSR Moslers...  Just bring your controllers and your munchies!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Just Two Weeks Left!!

Man, what a race night!  JJ conquered two classes with first place podiums, while Dean snapped up two, second place podiums...  Sr. secured a second place podium, while Frank, Tim and Jr. collected each a 3rd place.  The front motor class was Fast and fun! Hope to see that class come back to play in the future.  This week we have Super JGT, SCX Lighted and the third class was to be voted in...  We forgot to pull a number, so I had Sr. pull a number and NINCO GT came up.  Gentlemen, please make sure your cars are up to rule specs.  The class rules for racing are in place to ensure fair, consistent, tight lap total racing.  If a class is "Stock", then all stock parts, unless specified, must be used, and no aftermarket wheel or gear ratio allowed.  See you at the track.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's May!

Fellas,  It's May with 4 weeks left in the series.  JJ remains atop the points lead who had two first place heat victories in Super JGT and ChevROCK classes. Sam Sr. accumulated two seconds in the Super JGT class and the SCX lighted class, while while Chip rounded out the second place podium in ChevROCK. Tim and Dean both placed with thirds in SCX for Dean and ChevROCK for Tim.  Also noteable was Rich's consistency in the last two heats, Clem's first heat and, Dave, AKA, "Capt. C" showed up with a basket of blue eggs and consistent laps in the last two events. This week we have LMP, DTM Lighted and FLY Capris. See you at the track!