S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Leftovers? Yes... More Please....

Recently I received a message off list regarding left over classes and ones which haven't been ran/voted in some time...  To the best of my knowledge, here's a list of some of the "leftover" classes which have not made the vote and would be considerations for a Spring Series vote...  If I forgot any classes, or you have a suggestion, please post a comment. Perhaps we could ponder these selections to think ahead for a spring series....

NSR Classics
SCX GT Lighted
FLY March
LMP Blue Motor
Slot.It C Class
Vintage Can Am (1/32 scale)
SCX Rally
SCX Ferrari FXX
DTM Lighted

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week VI

This week's racing was again competitive and showcased two laps between first and fourth place podiums in Carrera Can Am.  Frank's car was dominantly fast, and scored 59 laps with three heat wins for first place.  Jr. placed second, with 2 heat wins while Sr. and JJ needed lane segments to determine third and fourth.  Both Sr. and JJ had 57 lap totals, with Sr. nabbing two heat wins.  Scott, JJ and Tom P. had one heat win each.

The competition was even closer in the GT Blue motor class, with only one lap separating first thru fourth places...  JJ took the first place podium with 59 laps and two heat wins, while lap segments determined second thru fourth, with Jr. placing second again with 58 laps and one heat win.  Sr. finished third with 58 laps and two heat wins as well.  Tim T. secured fourth with 58 laps and one heat win.  Also worth noting was Tom Gunshannon, Tom P., Dean and Tim T. securing a heat win each.  This week's racing features the final rounds of Vintage GT, and FLY Capri racing.  JJ appears to have the edge in both classes with a four lap lead over  Sr. in Vintage GT and a five lap lead over Scott in FLY Racing Capri, but....  Frank appears to field faster and faster cars each week...  Someone contact NASCAR to borrow a few of those restrictor plates please... :) 

Don't forget to vote on the March Endurance Classes for the forthcoming special event. There are seven days left to vote and it appears that Slot.It has the voting edge right now.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week V

This past week witnessed some intense Trans Am racing.  Frank finished first with 2 heat wins and 55 laps total.  JJ, Chip and Jr. tallied 54 laps with track segments determining second thru fourth. JJ and Jr. both had 2 heat wins with Chip, Tom P, Tim and Sr. winning one heat each.

Second round of the Carrera GT found Jr. taking first place with 55 laps and 4 heat wins. Sr. taking second with 51 laps and 2 heat wins. JJ secured third place with 51 laps and three heat wins. Chip rounded out the podium spot with 50 laps. Dean, Frank and Tom P each secured a heat win.  New, and up-and-comer Joe declared his affinity for Carrera cars and customer service.  Our own Dave Kennedy, N.A. Carrera representative, was there and just beaming with pride.  This week features Modern GT and Carrera Can Am. 


S&S Speedway will host a Team, Endurance Race March 19th.  Doors will open at noon for practice, with qualifying to begin at 3pm.  Heats will be at least 20 minutes in length, within two segments. We will break between the day and night heat. If you are interested, please vote on the poll as to which class of car you are interested in running.  Whichever class is selected, the cars must have a Slot.It light kit installed and the formal rules will be posted afterwards.  

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week IV

More of the same but for some different folks this week...  Seems the mechanical gremlins bit Rich, Tim T and Jr. during the Capri heats, which led to JJ winning all 4 of his heats and top lap total of 61 laps.  Even though Jr. had 3 heat wins, his car floundered mechanically in the last heat.  Sr. also gathered 3 heat wins and second place with 60 laps, narrowly beating Dean by track position for third place with 60 laps as well.  Frank finished fourth by track position as well with 1 heat win and 60 laps total.  Scott also had 1 heat win.

Vintage GT showed some spirited running by Frank with is Jag.  He won all 4 heats he completed and took first place with 54 laps.  JJ finished second with 2 heat wins and 53 laps, while Sr. placed third with 4 heat wins as well, accumulating 52 laps. Scott rounded out the fourth spot with 1 heat win and 51 laps total.  Tom P. debuted his Ferrari and secured a heat win.  This week we are running Carrera GT lighted and Trans/Am.  See you at the track.