S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thursday, Dec. 2nd

S&S Speedway will reopen this Thursday with the opportunity to test and tune for the upcoming winter run.  S&S will also offer a SCX National "warmup" race" for Saturday's National event in Philadelphia.  For some unexplained reason, the cyber gremlins affected the recent poll, vote totals... Management cannot remember the sixth class that was voted in, so we will have a write in vote, this Thursday, of the remaining classes, to determine the sixth class.  If you cannot make it, please email me your vote.  Winter Run class rules have been posted on the blog, please review them before building.  Winter schedule is forthcoming on the blog.  Have fun, and see you at the track!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winter Run Classes Poll

S&S has done its best to recall many of the classes we have run in the past, and added a few new, such as Modern GT Blue Motor, SCX Ferrari FXX, NSR Classics, TransAM National Rules and LMP Blue Motor to name a few...  Only S&S members please vote on 6 classes of your choice to run this winter.  If there's a class missing or you have an additional idea, please post a comment and I'll include the class.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This Thursday, Last of Fall Heats!!!

This Thursday S&S will wrap up the Fall Series with Daytona Prototype, Group 5 and Vintage LeMans.  S&S management will have the class point total winners posted this weekend, instead of total series points, that way, we have a variety of class winners.  We also need to think about what classes we are interested in racing for the winter.  The fall classes will not be included within the poll.  We have received several, off list, suggestions and recommendations and they will be included within the poll.   S&S has begun to add a "Class Car" page with pictures of the possible, but not limited to, cars which fall into those class categories. Please take a look under the 'pages" index for the Classes. Thanks for your input and coming out to race!  See you at the track!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


S&S Speedway would like to first thank everyone for participating.  Of everything that could have been enjoyed on this super, weekend weather day, the addicts showed up to race and qualify for the SCX National Championship race, at Great Traditions.  S&S would also like to thank it's contributers for making this a successful day. Practice started promptly with the customary doughnuts from Tom, tech followed and by then, we broke for J&J Super subs and sides.  After lunch, qualifying took place and it was clear that the brothers, Scott and JJ, came with their homework done.  Scott set the fastest qualifying lap, followed closely by his brother JJ.  Race conditions are always different, however, the brothers did a fine job, with well handling cars all afternoon, with JJ finishing 1st, followed by Scott.  Tommy thought he had car issues, but later discovered in fact, he was "Third Eye Blind"...  Controller issues could have snubbed his day, but gutsy driving and a loaner Third Eye, allowed him to finish up in third.  Dean and Chip very quietly flew under the radar all day and finished within one lap of each other, both having very few deslots. Rich reached his goal.....  of last place unfortunately...  Rich suffered through a myriad of tech gremlins and driving conundrums on the track, which landed him in the pits under green several times...  Rich came in gloating and quoted,"Last place is mine"...  Watch out for those self fulfilling prophesies I suppose...  One of the other teams felt badly and volunteered to tow his car out for the field shot...  Since Tom P. has a champion provisional, JJ, Scott, Dean and Chip qualify for the National Championship.

JJ Kozokas                    301 laps
Scott Kozokas               293 laps
Tommy Pintchuck          292 laps
Dean Kirkpatrick            290 laps
Chip Bell                      291 laps
Tom Gunshannon          275 laps
Rich Stearns                   197 laps

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thursday, Nov. 11th

S&S will host one class of racing this Thursday, Daytona Prototype cars followed by a "SCX Warmup" race for this Saturday's Regional Championship qualifier...  The Warm up will be 5 minute heats.  S&S will have donor cars.  Our regular season will conclude the following week with one class remaining on the regular schedule, Group 5 Cars, and we'll add one more class of heat racing, Vintage LeMans, which would follow in natural class rotation.  The points are getting tight, and S&S ownership has been keeping track of "class" point leaders, as well as total points.  Update coming soon. We need to start considering classes to vote on for the Winter Run...  I have had a few suggestions, such as the new Carrera Can-Am cars, a return on the Vintage GT cars we ran on stock rubber, and perhaps a "Super Trans/AM" class built to the National rules using all Slot.It parts....  Think about some class suggestions....  See you at the track!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This Thursday!

Fresh off the SCX Regional at Great Traditions, S&S Racing will return this Thursday and feature Vintage Grand prix, Vanquish and Marcos IROC.  S&S Management is toying with the idea of running a 10 minute heat, SCX "Warm-up" Race next Thursday, in preparation for next Saturday's SCX Regional Championship, which will postpone the last two weeks of scheduled racing classes until the following Thursday.  More information on this Thursday.  Here's a link to the SCI Forum article about the 5 S&S Speedway racers who competed this past Sunday in Philadelphia.