S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Classes Final Vote Tally

The voting has confirmed that six class choices stand out as being favorites....  Here's the totals;
NSR LeMans Classics                        8 votes
Monogram Vintage NASCAR              8 votes
Ninco GT                                        8 votes
SCX NASCAR                                  7 votes
DTM Lighted                                   6 votes
Slot.It Ferrari 312PB/ Alfa 33/3         6 votes
Porsche Cup                                   5 votes
LMP Blue Motor                               4 votes
Slot.It C Class                                 3 votes
SCX GT Lighted                               3 votes
Porsche 911                                   1 vote
FLY March F1                                  1 vote
GT1                                              1 vote
Vintage Can Am                              0

Please check the Spring Class Rules page and the Spring Class Schedule.  This week will will run NSR Classics and Monogram, Vintage NASCAR.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Slot It Endurance Race Video

Another great event at S&S Speedway. The Slot It Endurance Race was last Saturday and we had 5 dedicated teams of two drivers show up for a great day of racing!

Recently... And Such...

S&S recently hosted its first Endurance event this past Saturday and seated five teams of two drivers.  Full race coverage with photos and video coming soon.  Also, S&S finished the 2011 Winter Series with results, class winners and final tallies also forthcoming.  This Thursday, S&S will be open for Spring test and tune, and a Monogram, Vintage NASCAR fun run.... Bring out your new Monograms and silicon tires...  No modifications allowed.  

Finally, we need to come to a consensus vote on classes for a Spring Series.  The following is a list of cars we have not run and a few new suggestions.  The vote on the Spring classes will be a paper vote on Thursday night.  

Slot.It Ferrari 312PB, Alfa Romeo 33/3
Grand Am
NSR Classics
SCX GT Lighted
FLY March F1
LMP 1,2 or Challenge Blue Motor
Slot.It C Class (lighted?)
Vintage Can Am (1/32 scale) Up to Blue Motor
SCX Rally Stock tires
GT1 Up to 21.5K motor
SCX Ferrari FXX 42B
DTM Lighted Up to 19K motor
Porsche 911's  Short nose, up to 1994?   
Porsche Cup (NSR, NINCO, SCX PRO up to 21.5K motor)
Vintage Monogram NASCAR (national rules)
Slot.It Ferrari 312PB, Alfa Romeo 33/3
Grand Am

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thinking Spring....

With Spring just a couple weeks away, it may be time to start thinking about a Spring Class poll.  Recently I posted some left over classes and heard from a few about possible suggestions as well...  Here's a list of classes that should be considered for the Spring Series. Any thoughts or comments are always appreciated.

NSR Classics
SCX GT Lighted
FLY March
LMP Blue Motor
Slot.It C Class (lighted?)
Vintage Can Am (1/32 scale)
SCX Rally
SCX Ferrari FXX
DTM Lighted
Porsche 911's??   Porsche Cup (NSR, NINCO, SCX PRO)??Vintage Monogram NASCAR

Monday, March 14, 2011

Special Endurance Event: 3/19 Update

The doors will be open Saturday, March 19 at 11AM for practice, test and tune.  Track will be shut down for practice at 2:30 and a 10 lap qualifying segment to begin.  All participants will qualify and those participants who would like to select thier own running mate after qualifying may do so. All remaining drivers will be paired using the "pot luck" rule set, where the top qualifying drivers are paired with the bottom of the qualifying field. Daylight heats to begin at approx. 3PM for at least 20 minutes per heat.  We will break for a dinner run to J&J Deli following the daytime heats, and return for the night heats.  Hope to see you all at the track! Any questions feel free to contact me at the above email.  Address for your GPS is 46 East Center St., Shavertown, 18708

March 17th

Despite the foul, wet weather, six brave souls showed up Thursday to run.  We all decided the best thing to do would be to rerun last Thursday's classes, Carrera Can Am and GT Blue Motor for points this Thursday.  See you at the track!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Last Week

This is the last week of the Winter Run schedule, and will feature GT BLue motor and Carrera Can Am. Next Saturday is the S&S Slot.It endurance race, more information to follow on that.  See you at the track.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week VII

Weather hampered the number of participants, but the classes ran.  JJ secured a first place in the Capri series with 61 laps and 2 heat wins, beating his brother Scott by lane segments.  Even though Scott had three heat wins and 61 laps, it was not enough to stave off his brother.  Tim finished third with 60 laps and 2 heat wins.  Sr. rounded out the podium with 60 laps as well, falling short of Tim by lap segments as well.  Notably, Jr. and Tom P. each had a heat win.

Vintage class racing saw Jr. take first place with 54 laps, while Sr. finished second one lap behind.  Both Jr. and Sr. had 3 heat wins.  JJ fell short of second place by a few lane segments and took home third with 53 laps and 2 heat wins.  SCott rounded out the podium with 51 laps, while Tim scored a heat win.

This week features Carrera GT Lighted and Trans/Am.  Keep your calendars open, S&S's endurance race is scheduled for March 19th. Slot.It C Class cars were selected and the rules page has been posted within the blog.  See you at the track.