S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week VII

Weather hampered the number of participants, but the classes ran.  JJ secured a first place in the Capri series with 61 laps and 2 heat wins, beating his brother Scott by lane segments.  Even though Scott had three heat wins and 61 laps, it was not enough to stave off his brother.  Tim finished third with 60 laps and 2 heat wins.  Sr. rounded out the podium with 60 laps as well, falling short of Tim by lap segments as well.  Notably, Jr. and Tom P. each had a heat win.

Vintage class racing saw Jr. take first place with 54 laps, while Sr. finished second one lap behind.  Both Jr. and Sr. had 3 heat wins.  JJ fell short of second place by a few lane segments and took home third with 53 laps and 2 heat wins.  SCott rounded out the podium with 51 laps, while Tim scored a heat win.

This week features Carrera GT Lighted and Trans/Am.  Keep your calendars open, S&S's endurance race is scheduled for March 19th. Slot.It C Class cars were selected and the rules page has been posted within the blog.  See you at the track.

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