S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Monday, March 21, 2011

Recently... And Such...

S&S recently hosted its first Endurance event this past Saturday and seated five teams of two drivers.  Full race coverage with photos and video coming soon.  Also, S&S finished the 2011 Winter Series with results, class winners and final tallies also forthcoming.  This Thursday, S&S will be open for Spring test and tune, and a Monogram, Vintage NASCAR fun run.... Bring out your new Monograms and silicon tires...  No modifications allowed.  

Finally, we need to come to a consensus vote on classes for a Spring Series.  The following is a list of cars we have not run and a few new suggestions.  The vote on the Spring classes will be a paper vote on Thursday night.  

Slot.It Ferrari 312PB, Alfa Romeo 33/3
Grand Am
NSR Classics
SCX GT Lighted
FLY March F1
LMP 1,2 or Challenge Blue Motor
Slot.It C Class (lighted?)
Vintage Can Am (1/32 scale) Up to Blue Motor
SCX Rally Stock tires
GT1 Up to 21.5K motor
SCX Ferrari FXX 42B
DTM Lighted Up to 19K motor
Porsche 911's  Short nose, up to 1994?   
Porsche Cup (NSR, NINCO, SCX PRO up to 21.5K motor)
Vintage Monogram NASCAR (national rules)
Slot.It Ferrari 312PB, Alfa Romeo 33/3
Grand Am


  1. Slot it c class no lights, SCX GT Lighted NSR all sound good! How about a Grand AM class.

  2. Can do Grand Am... Voting tonight, can add it to the list