S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Track Pictures

Here's some additional pictures of the track, some earlier construction up to most recent. The track plan evolved from an adaptation of the "Monaco" track plan, illustrated in "The Slot Car Bible", to simulate a road course that "could-have-been".  Road America in Elkhart Lake, was a big inspiration.  The setting of the track is somewhere "stuck" in the late seventies, with all of it's concrete, boiler plate and galvanized splendor. 

The build began with L-Girder benchwork tables with the 3/8 MDF attached.  All lanes were drawn and markered in using Luf's flexible strip.  The paint I chose was an interior latex satin base, using Martha Stewart, Pasture Gate colour.  The track was then "weathered" with a thin wash of acrylic black on a damp sock.  Rumble strips are individual pieces of PVC tape.  Barriers are 2 inch, PVC screen cap.  1.5mm copper tape was used.  Track power is a 20 amp, MG power source and the lighting is repainted and weathered Lionel Yard Lights. There's still much more scenery to be applied, yet racing the cars interferes...  :)

Carefully note the "weathering" of the track in the esses.

A picture of the driving lines in the carusel squeeze section. Note how the inside lane runs over the rumble strips like the real tracks.  Simulated areas of concrete, like here in this carusel and atop the esses hillclimb, were painted in using a concrete colour,

It is easily visible in this photo, how the driving line hugs the wall in the short schute, behind the pits.
The Vanquish cars, bunched up, leaving the carusel in real time. Again, note the tires of the Gulf Mirage on the rumblers!
Night race heats under the lights!

The FIRST Cudas in the US hitting the wood at S&S Speedway! This was their maiden voyage magnetless! We had fun and were privileged, thanks to Dave Kennedy of Slot Car News.

After a little over a year of racing, you can note the accumulation of tire marks in the lanes in the upper squeeze.