S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Due to the positive feedback, S&S Speedway will host another IROC night of racing this Thursday night, June 24th. S&S will have two new classes of IROC cars (Marcos and Vanquish), and will race two other IROC classes from a choice vote of racers who come out to race, so JJ, if you can make it, bring those FLY Porsches!  It's another "just bring your troller night".....  or any other cars you may wish to test and tune.... Doors open at 6:45 for practice, and racing should begin around 7:30ish, so see you at the track!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


One word describes it....  BLAST!!!  Eleven Racers showed up to run four classes of equally prepared cars....  We even had a lady racer show up, Samantha, who did really well for her first time...  Here's how it went... Four classes were chosen from the possible six. FLY Racing Porsche GT1's, FLY Corvette CR5's, NSR Moslers and Artin NASCARS got the nod... Drivers ran 10 lap heats in each lane, straight rotation, accumulating laps from all four classes. New class cars were rotated in where the driver came out in the Yellow lane. Just a breakdown to show how close the racing was...  Sam Sr. had seven heat wins, Frank and Jr. had six heat wins, JJ and Dean had five heat wins, Tom G. had four heat wins, Scott, Chip and Rich accumulated three heat wins...  And O' Captain, my Captain, Dave K., finished with one heat win...  More IROC nights are in the planning stages with the possibility of two more classes to be added. Thursday night racing at S&S is always open to any interested, non-mag racers. Several micro towels were brought out to clean the drool off the raceway as Dave Kennedy brought out the NEW Carrera Can Am cars...  wow, did they go over huge!!!

And now the video....

Sunday, June 6, 2010


This Thursday, June 10th, S&S Speedway will host Night ROC. It's a "just bring your troller", night  of racing!!  S&S will host up to 5 classes of I.R.O.C. prepared classes including J-J's super FLY Porsche GT1's and the new NSR Mosler class!!!  (click on the image for a full shot of the field, less J-J's cars I didn't have) Practice begins at 6:45.  See you at the track!


The Spring Series is over and congrats to J-J who mopped up the competition!!! Impressive was Dean, who podiumed fourth place! First time racer Tim ran hot this season and Rich didn't do so shabby as well...  There was only a 40 lap separation between first and fourth places.

Track property owner, as opposed to track manager, has opted to level the Senior Division because three of the four racers missed two or more races.  Since Frank and Chip missed three and Clem missed two, The property owner and track manager has eliminated three nights of races for Sr., one night of races from Clem, counting a total of six races for the Senior Division points standings.  Talk about tight....  Chip, after a two week hiatus, came on strong and finished tied for first with Sr. with 663 laps!  Frank was right behind them with 662 laps, while Clem finished with 658 laps!