S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Monday, July 26, 2010


This past Thursday's IROC racing proved to be the closest and most competitive yet!  Only TWO laps separated 1st thru 4th place!!  Track position determined 3rd thru 6th place!!!  But most noteworthy and a big thanks to Dave, "Capt. Carrera", who delivered the fun in a BIG way by bringing four 1/24 cars for us to  IROC.  They not only proved to be competitive, but big fun as well.  Jr. scored 76 laps with 4 heat wins, Frank came in second with 75 laps and 3 heat wins, J.J. completed 74 laps for 3rd place with 3 heat wins while Chip topped out the podium with 74 laps and 2 heat wins. Also noteworthy was Sr's 3 heat wins, Tim's 2 heat wins, Dean's 2 heat wins and Scott's 2 heat wins, which faired well in this close battle.  Newcomer Jay did well on his first competition with 65 laps. This week will feature IROC racing once again, featuring the FLY Corvettes, FLY Porsche GT1's and the Vanquish cars if time permits. See you at the track!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


This Thursday S&S will host IROC Class Racing again.  It's another "bring your troller" night.  We will vote on classes, keeping in mind the Chevrons have yet to run. S&S Speedway will host 3 Regional Qualifying Events.  Please visit the following link for event details.

This fall, S&S Speedway will also be hosting a "Wyoming Valley Slot Car Club Reniunion" Event...  Details to follow.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


S&S will host IROC night this Thursday.  The NSR Moslers and FLY GT1 Porsches have been requested, we will vote on a third class.  All points will accumulate for the summer IROC series. The last series run was extremely competitive, as JJ and Jr. tied with 152 laps and 7 heat wins each.  Tim, Chip and Sr. ramped it up with  4 heat wins each and totaled 147 laps each...  Track position determined the podiums. Frank finished with 5 heat wins and 146 laps, while Dean and Rich finished with 4 heat wins each and tied with 146 laps.  Clem, Dave (a.k.a. CPT Carrera) and Scott tied with 143 laps.  The doors will open at 6:45 for track practice.  I will be making a trip to Rich's Great Traditions next week.  If anyone is interested in purchasing a Racer Resin kit ($90), in lieu of the Racer Resin Regional which is tentatively scheduled for September 18th, please bring $$ to Thurday's race night.