S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

S&S Scalextric Trans/Am Regional Results

S&S Recently held a regional qualifier for GT Slots Scalextric Trans/Am Finals.  Thanks to Bill and Bob for making the outta town trek and again to Tom for the Ice Tea.  Good competition and drama prevailed again. During practice, it was clear the Johnathan hit the set up.  His 1970 Camaro was on FIRE.  Dean and Chip were quietly making some consistent laps and Bob spent time dialing in his T/A Camaro for the wood surface.  Bill adapted to the track quickly and did not accumulate many outs during practice.  Race time always proves different.  Johnathan's Camaro would have surely dominated if it were not for electrical issues in two heats.  He did, however, maintain his cool and drive on.  Dean took overall honors while Jr. placed second, Bob third and Chip just behind Bob by a handful of laps.
Bob, Joe Bill and Dean laying the laps down...
Penske was well represented...  Note the custom Livery on Johnathan's Mule!
In the hole.
Bob's beastie.

Dean truckin' up the esses.

Dean 1st, Jr. Second, Bob 3rd, Chip 4th

Monday, March 26, 2012

S&S Monogram Grand National Regional Results

S&S hosted the Monogram Regional qualifier this past Saturday.  Thanks to all who came out for the event. Thanks to Tom for bringing the Ice Tea. Practice revealed Dean as the possible car to beat, while Chip showed he had a consistent car, but just couldn't get off the corners as well.  Dan McCollum showed he had a strong performer as well, while Johnathan's Ford seemed to get better as the laps wore on.  Sam Sr. had a strong MOPAR, but decided as property owner, that his laps were not to be counted.  Jr. started in the back-up car's, back-up car and suffered handling problems....  But...  practice is practice...  Once the green flag dropped, it was pretty clear that Chip's car took well to the hand-out motor and he took first place honors.  Johnathan's car was very quick indeed and it was presumed that it may come down to track position while he and Chip traded lap totals for lap totals.  Unfortunately, Johnathan had a slight motor mount issue which placed him one lap behind Chip for second place.  Dan quietly ran a very consistent race and finished in third place only a couple laps off the winning total.  Tom Gunshannon rounded out the podium and the qualifying for finals with a fourth place. Dean's car just didn't like the race set up and for some reason, developed a vibration and he struggled with keeping the car on pace. Dean valiantly forged on and did an honorable job.  Sam Jr. had everything that could go wrong... go wrong...  He finished some 70 laps down, due to ill handling that put his car into the canyon of doom, lost power due to a weakened solder joint from crashing, his motor mount failed and his team was caught eating ice cream when he brought the car back to the garage for repairs.... All in all, a good time was had.  Just a reminder that the S&S Regional qualifier for Scalextric Trans/Am is scheduled for April 7th. Photos to follow.
Dean lays down the final tune.

From left to right: 4th Place-Dan, 1st Place-Chip, 3rd. Place-Johnathan, 4th Place-Tom.

Friday, March 9, 2012

March 8th and Reminders...

This past Thursday found a strong showing from the McManus Brothers...  As expected, experience and competitiveness increases with time.  Sean finished first in the Vintage Lemans class and Bryan showed up with a most impressive Porsche.   Tim's Mean green T/A Took first place honors in the T/A national rules.  Next week, S&S will host the Grab-azz GT, Long heat races while KOZO takes a layoff.  Some dates to keep in mind...  S&S Monogram Regional, March 24th, S&S T/A Regional, April 7th.  Some other dates to ponder....  April 15th, Mainline Hobbies T/A Regional, April 21st, Mainline Hobbies Monogram Regional.  If anybuddy is interested in finding out how set-ups translate to plastic track running and want to attend, let us know.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Feb. 23rd Results and Schedule Changes

Strong, close running of the LeMans Classics and the NASCAR classes with ties for first place and several podiums in both heats!  Sr. and Dean recorded first place wins.  Please check the Spring Class Schedule page, two new classes have been added to sweeten the deal!  S&S will be adding Scaley Trans/Am National rules and another Vintage LeMans class, 1973-82 cars which will open up a LOT of running possibilities.  Please note the Car Classes page for example models.

Monday, February 20, 2012

First Week Spring Series

S&S will begin the Spring Series this Thursday hosting Vintage LeMans cars from 1965 to 1972, sans, the NSR cars.  Monogram Vintage NASCAR (National Rules) will round out the schedule Thursday night.  Please also note changes to the Spring schedule regarding KOZO dates.  See you at the track!