S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Monday, April 16, 2012

S&S Scalextric Trans/Am Regional Results

S&S Recently held a regional qualifier for GT Slots Scalextric Trans/Am Finals.  Thanks to Bill and Bob for making the outta town trek and again to Tom for the Ice Tea.  Good competition and drama prevailed again. During practice, it was clear the Johnathan hit the set up.  His 1970 Camaro was on FIRE.  Dean and Chip were quietly making some consistent laps and Bob spent time dialing in his T/A Camaro for the wood surface.  Bill adapted to the track quickly and did not accumulate many outs during practice.  Race time always proves different.  Johnathan's Camaro would have surely dominated if it were not for electrical issues in two heats.  He did, however, maintain his cool and drive on.  Dean took overall honors while Jr. placed second, Bob third and Chip just behind Bob by a handful of laps.
Bob, Joe Bill and Dean laying the laps down...
Penske was well represented...  Note the custom Livery on Johnathan's Mule!
In the hole.
Bob's beastie.

Dean truckin' up the esses.

Dean 1st, Jr. Second, Bob 3rd, Chip 4th

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