S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Saturday, October 16, 2010

2010 Racer Sideways Regional Championships

"Winnie The Pooh" would have stayed away on this blustery day, but the savvy drivers in NEPA showed up to participate within the 2010 Racer Sideways Regional Championship at S&S Speedway.  Tom G. fueled the morning practice with Dunkin' Donuts, thank you Tom...Tech started at 10:30 am, then the pizza arrived just in time for a lunch break.  Frank and Sam Sr. set hot qualifying laps and the rest of the field was tight.  During the first few heats it was evident that Frank had the setup because his car was on rails blasting 74 laps in the first heat while everyone ran less.  Frank set the high mark lap total with 77 laps in Blue while Sam Sr. set the fastest lap with a 7.4 sec heat.  Frank took first place with a lap total of 299, Tom P. finished second with 295 laps, Chip quietly ran hard and placed third with 291 laps and Tom G. rounded out the podium with a fourth place finish with 286 laps.  Tim and Tom G. seemed to be hanging next to each other banging doorhandles all afternoon...  There was some very competitive racing there...  Tom P's car seemed to start off with a hitch, but he found his groove in the white and yellow lanes driving 76 laps in both lanes, AND he seemed to have the golden sombrero when it came to anarchy occurring in front of him. Thanks to all that showed up for racing!

Trophys in the pits
Tom and Tim take a break during practice...
The field
And the winners are... from left to right Chip Bell, Frank Salerno, Tom Pintchuck and Tom Gunshannon.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 14th

S&S Speedway hosts the 4th round of the Fall Series this Thursday with Vintage LeMans and Vintage Grand Prix racing along with Chevron IROC.  Last weeks racing ran smoothly until the Red lane decided not to cooperate....  But we salvaged the night with three lane racing.  Last week's racing featured only two heats of racing with Dean taking first with 66 laps and 3 heat wins.  Chip, who only lost to Dean by a third of a lap, finished second with 66 laps and 4 heat wins.  Sr. placed third with 66 laps and 3 heat wins, while Tom P. rounded out the podiums with 65 and 2 heat wins.  If anybody wishes to come out earlier to test and tune for this Saturday's Regional Championship, the garage will be open 6:15.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Thursday Night! 10/7

The open wheel GP cars made for some interesting racing, followed by Vanquish and NSR Mosler IROC.  Jr. appeared to have the GP set up in his stock Gordini and finished with 5 heat wins and 113 laps.  Chip finished with 4 heat wins and 111 laps.  Sr. finished with three heat wins and 111 laps while Frank rounded out the podium with two heat wins and 110 points.  Only THREE laps separated first thru fourth places!  This Thursday we will race Racer, Daytona Prototypes and Group 5 cars and an IROC.  S&S would like to thank Dave Kennedy for his lens and post on the blog.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Vintage GP race field

A fun time was had by all this evening.... that is except for Tim who really wasn't enjoying himself with his GP car. But he more than made up for it by kicking my butt in several heats during the IROC race and the Vanquish race. Pix of the Vintage GP field.

Of course Sam has been working on the scenery at the track. This sign was a nice addition.

And a nice new addition to the decor of the room now... a nice new Slot Car Corner banner has appeared for everyone to enjoy!