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S&S Speedway

Thursday, December 30, 2010


S&S will begin it's Winter Run on January 6th with FLY Racing Capri and Vintage GT cars!  S&S would like to wish everyone who races with us, a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!  Don't forget to mark your calendars for the S&S special event on January 22nd. where we'll host the first NSR Classic LeMans series race at 2PM.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Northeast NSR LeMans Classic Series!!

S&S Speedway will play host to the first round of the Northeast, NSR Winter classic series.  A series of races around the NSR Classic cars, such as the GT40, Porsche 917 and the P68.... The races will occur about every three weeks at tracks within PA, NJ and MD.  S&S will host the first round on January 22, 2011.  Points for each race are awarded to placements and prizes for podiums to follow the series end.  Since this is the first race, there should be a well rounded turn out of racers from the Tristate area.  Looking forward to seeing you there!  Here's a link to the rules page.        Northeast NSR LeMans Series

Holiday Shakedowns and Such


S&S Speedway will host practice or shakedown racing or otherwise non points fun running this Tuesday with the winter class cars.  S&S will not open Thursday, due to the holiday rush.  If you cannot make it, S&S wishes you and your families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Preseason Shakedowns

S&S will have more "Shakedown" heats this Thursday, since they proved to be helpful with, not only tuning for the new classes, but also for releasing the  gremlins from our older cars we haven't run in a while.  This Thursday, heats will focus on Carrera GT Lighted and Orange Bell Trans/Am. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Preseason Heats!

S&S Speedway will host non points, warm up races this Thursday, utilizing the Winter Run Classes.  Good news!  The sixth and final class has been voted in, and we will race the new Carrera Can Am Cars!  A tentative schedule page has been added. This week we will run timed heat races with Vintage GT, FLY Racing Capri and perhaps even break out the Carrera Can Am cars to toy around with as well.  Congrats to JJ, who podiumed third place at last weekend's SCX National race.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thursday, Dec. 2nd!

Since the original poll was compromised by some cyber gremlins, S&S will conduct a "paper vote" Thursday night, to determine the 6th and final class for the Winter Run.  All remaining classes , not listed on the class rules page, will be eligible for revote... To the best of my knowledge, those classes included, SCX GT Lighted, SCX Ferrari FXX, NSR Classics, LMP 1 or 2 Blue Motor, Carrera Can/Am, NINCO GT and Carrera Group 5 Lighted.  If I have forgotten a previous listed class, please post a reply here.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thursday, Dec. 2nd

S&S Speedway will reopen this Thursday with the opportunity to test and tune for the upcoming winter run.  S&S will also offer a SCX National "warmup" race" for Saturday's National event in Philadelphia.  For some unexplained reason, the cyber gremlins affected the recent poll, vote totals... Management cannot remember the sixth class that was voted in, so we will have a write in vote, this Thursday, of the remaining classes, to determine the sixth class.  If you cannot make it, please email me your vote.  Winter Run class rules have been posted on the blog, please review them before building.  Winter schedule is forthcoming on the blog.  Have fun, and see you at the track!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winter Run Classes Poll

S&S has done its best to recall many of the classes we have run in the past, and added a few new, such as Modern GT Blue Motor, SCX Ferrari FXX, NSR Classics, TransAM National Rules and LMP Blue Motor to name a few...  Only S&S members please vote on 6 classes of your choice to run this winter.  If there's a class missing or you have an additional idea, please post a comment and I'll include the class.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This Thursday, Last of Fall Heats!!!

This Thursday S&S will wrap up the Fall Series with Daytona Prototype, Group 5 and Vintage LeMans.  S&S management will have the class point total winners posted this weekend, instead of total series points, that way, we have a variety of class winners.  We also need to think about what classes we are interested in racing for the winter.  The fall classes will not be included within the poll.  We have received several, off list, suggestions and recommendations and they will be included within the poll.   S&S has begun to add a "Class Car" page with pictures of the possible, but not limited to, cars which fall into those class categories. Please take a look under the 'pages" index for the Classes. Thanks for your input and coming out to race!  See you at the track!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


S&S Speedway would like to first thank everyone for participating.  Of everything that could have been enjoyed on this super, weekend weather day, the addicts showed up to race and qualify for the SCX National Championship race, at Great Traditions.  S&S would also like to thank it's contributers for making this a successful day. Practice started promptly with the customary doughnuts from Tom, tech followed and by then, we broke for J&J Super subs and sides.  After lunch, qualifying took place and it was clear that the brothers, Scott and JJ, came with their homework done.  Scott set the fastest qualifying lap, followed closely by his brother JJ.  Race conditions are always different, however, the brothers did a fine job, with well handling cars all afternoon, with JJ finishing 1st, followed by Scott.  Tommy thought he had car issues, but later discovered in fact, he was "Third Eye Blind"...  Controller issues could have snubbed his day, but gutsy driving and a loaner Third Eye, allowed him to finish up in third.  Dean and Chip very quietly flew under the radar all day and finished within one lap of each other, both having very few deslots. Rich reached his goal.....  of last place unfortunately...  Rich suffered through a myriad of tech gremlins and driving conundrums on the track, which landed him in the pits under green several times...  Rich came in gloating and quoted,"Last place is mine"...  Watch out for those self fulfilling prophesies I suppose...  One of the other teams felt badly and volunteered to tow his car out for the field shot...  Since Tom P. has a champion provisional, JJ, Scott, Dean and Chip qualify for the National Championship.

JJ Kozokas                    301 laps
Scott Kozokas               293 laps
Tommy Pintchuck          292 laps
Dean Kirkpatrick            290 laps
Chip Bell                      291 laps
Tom Gunshannon          275 laps
Rich Stearns                   197 laps

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thursday, Nov. 11th

S&S will host one class of racing this Thursday, Daytona Prototype cars followed by a "SCX Warmup" race for this Saturday's Regional Championship qualifier...  The Warm up will be 5 minute heats.  S&S will have donor cars.  Our regular season will conclude the following week with one class remaining on the regular schedule, Group 5 Cars, and we'll add one more class of heat racing, Vintage LeMans, which would follow in natural class rotation.  The points are getting tight, and S&S ownership has been keeping track of "class" point leaders, as well as total points.  Update coming soon. We need to start considering classes to vote on for the Winter Run...  I have had a few suggestions, such as the new Carrera Can-Am cars, a return on the Vintage GT cars we ran on stock rubber, and perhaps a "Super Trans/AM" class built to the National rules using all Slot.It parts....  Think about some class suggestions....  See you at the track!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This Thursday!

Fresh off the SCX Regional at Great Traditions, S&S Racing will return this Thursday and feature Vintage Grand prix, Vanquish and Marcos IROC.  S&S Management is toying with the idea of running a 10 minute heat, SCX "Warm-up" Race next Thursday, in preparation for next Saturday's SCX Regional Championship, which will postpone the last two weeks of scheduled racing classes until the following Thursday.  More information on this Thursday.  Here's a link to the SCI Forum article about the 5 S&S Speedway racers who competed this past Sunday in Philadelphia.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

2010 Racer Sideways Regional Championships

"Winnie The Pooh" would have stayed away on this blustery day, but the savvy drivers in NEPA showed up to participate within the 2010 Racer Sideways Regional Championship at S&S Speedway.  Tom G. fueled the morning practice with Dunkin' Donuts, thank you Tom...Tech started at 10:30 am, then the pizza arrived just in time for a lunch break.  Frank and Sam Sr. set hot qualifying laps and the rest of the field was tight.  During the first few heats it was evident that Frank had the setup because his car was on rails blasting 74 laps in the first heat while everyone ran less.  Frank set the high mark lap total with 77 laps in Blue while Sam Sr. set the fastest lap with a 7.4 sec heat.  Frank took first place with a lap total of 299, Tom P. finished second with 295 laps, Chip quietly ran hard and placed third with 291 laps and Tom G. rounded out the podium with a fourth place finish with 286 laps.  Tim and Tom G. seemed to be hanging next to each other banging doorhandles all afternoon...  There was some very competitive racing there...  Tom P's car seemed to start off with a hitch, but he found his groove in the white and yellow lanes driving 76 laps in both lanes, AND he seemed to have the golden sombrero when it came to anarchy occurring in front of him. Thanks to all that showed up for racing!

Trophys in the pits
Tom and Tim take a break during practice...
The field
And the winners are... from left to right Chip Bell, Frank Salerno, Tom Pintchuck and Tom Gunshannon.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 14th

S&S Speedway hosts the 4th round of the Fall Series this Thursday with Vintage LeMans and Vintage Grand Prix racing along with Chevron IROC.  Last weeks racing ran smoothly until the Red lane decided not to cooperate....  But we salvaged the night with three lane racing.  Last week's racing featured only two heats of racing with Dean taking first with 66 laps and 3 heat wins.  Chip, who only lost to Dean by a third of a lap, finished second with 66 laps and 4 heat wins.  Sr. placed third with 66 laps and 3 heat wins, while Tom P. rounded out the podiums with 65 and 2 heat wins.  If anybody wishes to come out earlier to test and tune for this Saturday's Regional Championship, the garage will be open 6:15.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Thursday Night! 10/7

The open wheel GP cars made for some interesting racing, followed by Vanquish and NSR Mosler IROC.  Jr. appeared to have the GP set up in his stock Gordini and finished with 5 heat wins and 113 laps.  Chip finished with 4 heat wins and 111 laps.  Sr. finished with three heat wins and 111 laps while Frank rounded out the podium with two heat wins and 110 points.  Only THREE laps separated first thru fourth places!  This Thursday we will race Racer, Daytona Prototypes and Group 5 cars and an IROC.  S&S would like to thank Dave Kennedy for his lens and post on the blog.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Vintage GP race field

A fun time was had by all this evening.... that is except for Tim who really wasn't enjoying himself with his GP car. But he more than made up for it by kicking my butt in several heats during the IROC race and the Vanquish race. Pix of the Vintage GP field.

Of course Sam has been working on the scenery at the track. This sign was a nice addition.

And a nice new addition to the decor of the room now... a nice new Slot Car Corner banner has appeared for everyone to enjoy!


Thursday, September 30, 2010

OCTOBER 16th!!!

Just two weeks away and S&S Speedway will host the Racer Sideways Regional Championship.  Doors Open at 8 am for practice, tech should begin around 10-10:30 am, lunch, then the green flag drops around 1 pm.  Rules are posted on a separate page on this blog.  Trophies for 1st through 4th places and the top 4 drivers qualify for nationals at Great Traditions.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Thursday Sept. 30th

S&S Speedway will continue the Fall Series racing with Vintage Grand Prix, Vanquish and IROC Racing with the NSR Moslers.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

S&S Speedway Racer Regional Championships

This past Saturday, S&S hosted the NEPA, Racer Regional Championships Qualifying race.  Even with superb Saturday weather, The racers showed up to run hard.  Tommy Pintchuck ran his Ferrari strong and won first place with 285 laps, while Chip Bell finished 2nd. with 282 laps.  Johnathan Grover finished 3rd. with 276 laps while Tim Telesky rounded out the national qualifiers with a 4th place podium with 274 laps.  S&S would like to thank all racers who came out on that Saturday for their support. Next up, Racer Sideways DP Regional Qualifier on Saturday, October 16th.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Series Week 2

S&S Speedway will host the second week of the Fall Series racing with Group 5, Vintage LeMans and IROC Modifieds. Last weeks racing was again competitive with Chip and Sr. tied for the points lead with 113 laps.  Chip ripped 5 heat wins while Sr. scored 4. Tim and Jr. are tied for second with 111 laps and Dean and Rich for third with 108 laps.  Rich scored one heat win.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Thursday Eve, Sept. 16th.

S&S Speedway will begin it's Fall Series, opening with Vanquish, Racer Daytona Prototype and JJ's FLYROCK Porsche Gt1 car...  S&S asks that all our competing cars meet with the specified, class rules. After a very successful timed heat test last week, S&S Speedway has more power and punch!  Thanks to Chuck and Tim for helping out with something I could not do alone... REMEMBER, this Saturday is the Racer Resin Regional Qualifier race. Please reference the blog pages for times and rules...  See you at the track!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tonight/ Sept. 9th

S&S Speedway recently underwent some electrical surgery to solve an issue with the Red Lane.  With the combined efforts of Chuck and Tim, not only was the problem solved, but the track was also completely rewired with additional taps. Needless to say, the track is very quick with more punch.  S&S Management did not have the opportunity to test the for the Regional next weekend, so tonight's "official" fall racing will be postponed to begin next Thursday.  However, S&S Speedway will open tonight for test and tune of Fall series cars and needs to run some 10 minute timed heats.  Perhaps a 10 minute heat IROC, or a "Run What You Brug" 10 minute heater. So bring some cars, and see you at the track!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall Series 2010!!

The poll is complete, thank you all for your votes.  We have five classes to alternate amongst IROC racing this fall!  S&S will open the Fall 2010 Series with Vanquish, Daytona Protoype, Group 5 Blue Motor, Vintage Lemans and Vintage Gan Prix.  We will begin this Thursday with Vanquish, Daytona Prototype and JJ's FLY, IROC Porsches if he can make it.  Please check the Fall Rules Page for Class rules.  S&S Management will be researching and persuing detailed car selections and rules for the Group 5 and Vintage Gran Prix class since they are both, newly added classes.  Along with the rules for the two newly added classes, the Fall Series Schedule is forthcoming as well.

Monday, August 23, 2010

IROC Final And Fall Poll

Gents, This Thursday S&S Speedway features the final IROC racing night.  The points are still tight and podium places are up for grabs....  Anything can happen.  I have posted a Fall Series Poll with all of the classes we have raced at S&S and a couple new interests. S&S is asking for only Thursday Night Members to vote in the poll please.  Please fell free to comment if management has missed a class or there's an interest you have as a write in vote.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thursday, August 19th

S&S Speedway will host IROC racing this Thursday night.  Last Thursday featured competitive racing again! Next Thursday will be the final summer IROC event, and Fall racing series will begin Thursday, September 2nd.  A class poll will be posted to vote on soon, so please check back.  Fall racing will feature voted classes and IROC heat racing each evening.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This Thursday 8/12

S&S Speedway will host IROC racing this Thursday night.  Last week was some of the closest racing yet!!  The Group C class and Touring class cars were so evenly matched, and the racing was so close, that deslotting was almost terminal.  Tim finished first with 4 heat wins, Jr. in second with 4 heat wins, Sr. in third with 4 heat wins and Dean took fourth with 3 heat wins.  See you at the track!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


S&S Speedway has developed 6 new IROC Classes...  S&S property owner secured a deal with some barn finds, and able garage mechanics brought them up to speed for competition!  Classic Rally lighted, Touring Sedan lighted, Group C blue motored, DTM lighted, COT NASCAR and Ferrari BB512 lighted.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thursday August 5th

S&S Speedway will IROC race this Thursday evening, featuring two NEW IROC classes.  This past Thursday featured very close, heat racing again with Chip taking first with 112 laps and 4 heat wins, Tim in second with 111 laps and 5 heat wins, Jr. in third with 110 laps and 3 heat wins, while Frank finished fourth with 109 laps and 2 heat wins.  Both Sr. and Johnathan finished with 3 heat wins. S&S Speedway is also on the verge of securing an additional two new IROC classes for future racing, taking IROC class totals to 10 IROC classes.  A poll will be posted soon for possible Fall series classes.  It has been suggested that S&S Speedway continue to feature IROC racing classes within regular series racing as well. We all have many classes of slot cars at home we like to race, and track management will do its best to combine class interests with IROC interests.

Monday, July 26, 2010


This past Thursday's IROC racing proved to be the closest and most competitive yet!  Only TWO laps separated 1st thru 4th place!!  Track position determined 3rd thru 6th place!!!  But most noteworthy and a big thanks to Dave, "Capt. Carrera", who delivered the fun in a BIG way by bringing four 1/24 cars for us to  IROC.  They not only proved to be competitive, but big fun as well.  Jr. scored 76 laps with 4 heat wins, Frank came in second with 75 laps and 3 heat wins, J.J. completed 74 laps for 3rd place with 3 heat wins while Chip topped out the podium with 74 laps and 2 heat wins. Also noteworthy was Sr's 3 heat wins, Tim's 2 heat wins, Dean's 2 heat wins and Scott's 2 heat wins, which faired well in this close battle.  Newcomer Jay did well on his first competition with 65 laps. This week will feature IROC racing once again, featuring the FLY Corvettes, FLY Porsche GT1's and the Vanquish cars if time permits. See you at the track!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


This Thursday S&S will host IROC Class Racing again.  It's another "bring your troller" night.  We will vote on classes, keeping in mind the Chevrons have yet to run. S&S Speedway will host 3 Regional Qualifying Events.  Please visit the following link for event details.

This fall, S&S Speedway will also be hosting a "Wyoming Valley Slot Car Club Reniunion" Event...  Details to follow.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


S&S will host IROC night this Thursday.  The NSR Moslers and FLY GT1 Porsches have been requested, we will vote on a third class.  All points will accumulate for the summer IROC series. The last series run was extremely competitive, as JJ and Jr. tied with 152 laps and 7 heat wins each.  Tim, Chip and Sr. ramped it up with  4 heat wins each and totaled 147 laps each...  Track position determined the podiums. Frank finished with 5 heat wins and 146 laps, while Dean and Rich finished with 4 heat wins each and tied with 146 laps.  Clem, Dave (a.k.a. CPT Carrera) and Scott tied with 143 laps.  The doors will open at 6:45 for track practice.  I will be making a trip to Rich's Great Traditions next week.  If anyone is interested in purchasing a Racer Resin kit ($90), in lieu of the Racer Resin Regional which is tentatively scheduled for September 18th, please bring $$ to Thurday's race night.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Due to the positive feedback, S&S Speedway will host another IROC night of racing this Thursday night, June 24th. S&S will have two new classes of IROC cars (Marcos and Vanquish), and will race two other IROC classes from a choice vote of racers who come out to race, so JJ, if you can make it, bring those FLY Porsches!  It's another "just bring your troller night".....  or any other cars you may wish to test and tune.... Doors open at 6:45 for practice, and racing should begin around 7:30ish, so see you at the track!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


One word describes it....  BLAST!!!  Eleven Racers showed up to run four classes of equally prepared cars....  We even had a lady racer show up, Samantha, who did really well for her first time...  Here's how it went... Four classes were chosen from the possible six. FLY Racing Porsche GT1's, FLY Corvette CR5's, NSR Moslers and Artin NASCARS got the nod... Drivers ran 10 lap heats in each lane, straight rotation, accumulating laps from all four classes. New class cars were rotated in where the driver came out in the Yellow lane. Just a breakdown to show how close the racing was...  Sam Sr. had seven heat wins, Frank and Jr. had six heat wins, JJ and Dean had five heat wins, Tom G. had four heat wins, Scott, Chip and Rich accumulated three heat wins...  And O' Captain, my Captain, Dave K., finished with one heat win...  More IROC nights are in the planning stages with the possibility of two more classes to be added. Thursday night racing at S&S is always open to any interested, non-mag racers. Several micro towels were brought out to clean the drool off the raceway as Dave Kennedy brought out the NEW Carrera Can Am cars...  wow, did they go over huge!!!

And now the video....

Sunday, June 6, 2010


This Thursday, June 10th, S&S Speedway will host Night ROC. It's a "just bring your troller", night  of racing!!  S&S will host up to 5 classes of I.R.O.C. prepared classes including J-J's super FLY Porsche GT1's and the new NSR Mosler class!!!  (click on the image for a full shot of the field, less J-J's cars I didn't have) Practice begins at 6:45.  See you at the track!


The Spring Series is over and congrats to J-J who mopped up the competition!!! Impressive was Dean, who podiumed fourth place! First time racer Tim ran hot this season and Rich didn't do so shabby as well...  There was only a 40 lap separation between first and fourth places.

Track property owner, as opposed to track manager, has opted to level the Senior Division because three of the four racers missed two or more races.  Since Frank and Chip missed three and Clem missed two, The property owner and track manager has eliminated three nights of races for Sr., one night of races from Clem, counting a total of six races for the Senior Division points standings.  Talk about tight....  Chip, after a two week hiatus, came on strong and finished tied for first with Sr. with 663 laps!  Frank was right behind them with 662 laps, while Clem finished with 658 laps!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Great night mixing it up at S&S last Thursday... JJ ended up with a first, while Frank smoked with a second place podium and two third place podiums. Jr. nabbed a first and second place, while Sr. pinned a first, second and a third place podium.  Dean ran a solid, "quazi" race for Chip, hope to see him at the driver's stations this week.  This week is our final points week and consists of DTM Lighted, LMP and FLY Capris.  S&S is going to host a "FUNROCK" night, featuring up to five IROC classes to drive, FLY Chevrons, Corvettes, RACE Porsche GT1's and NSR Moslers...  Just bring your controllers and your munchies!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Just Two Weeks Left!!

Man, what a race night!  JJ conquered two classes with first place podiums, while Dean snapped up two, second place podiums...  Sr. secured a second place podium, while Frank, Tim and Jr. collected each a 3rd place.  The front motor class was Fast and fun! Hope to see that class come back to play in the future.  This week we have Super JGT, SCX Lighted and the third class was to be voted in...  We forgot to pull a number, so I had Sr. pull a number and NINCO GT came up.  Gentlemen, please make sure your cars are up to rule specs.  The class rules for racing are in place to ensure fair, consistent, tight lap total racing.  If a class is "Stock", then all stock parts, unless specified, must be used, and no aftermarket wheel or gear ratio allowed.  See you at the track.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's May!

Fellas,  It's May with 4 weeks left in the series.  JJ remains atop the points lead who had two first place heat victories in Super JGT and ChevROCK classes. Sam Sr. accumulated two seconds in the Super JGT class and the SCX lighted class, while while Chip rounded out the second place podium in ChevROCK. Tim and Dean both placed with thirds in SCX for Dean and ChevROCK for Tim.  Also noteable was Rich's consistency in the last two heats, Clem's first heat and, Dave, AKA, "Capt. C" showed up with a basket of blue eggs and consistent laps in the last two events. This week we have LMP, DTM Lighted and FLY Capris. See you at the track!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nearly Half Way...

JJ still has the points lead. Carlisle called out to our master's class racers, and Frank and Chip were missed for their competitive entries...  Hope to see those laps up next week.  Tim and Dean once again showed his consistency with several heat wins each, while Rich drove to three heat victories.  Next week we have Super JGT, SCX Lighted and FLYROCK Chevrons as the class draw....  See you at the track!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Second Week A Charm?

Was the second week a charm? Sure seemed to be for Chip who ran strong and topped the IROC, Bonus, Chevron Round.  Tim continues to show his consistency, while Dean ran strong AGAIN.  Both Tim and Dean continue to become faster and more consistent as they drive the track.  Jr. and Sr. are tied.  Frank fired his spotter after the first heat, but is tied for second in the Master's Class.  JJ Continues to show dominance with top laps, even while pulling a left-handed, peg-legged, pirate heat.  Next week features LMP, DTM Lighted and FLY Racing Capris. Please check out the class rules and have those cars prepped. S&S will be closed for practice this weekend, however, there will be test and tune opportunities early next week...  Call, text or blog ahead of time to check track times.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Not April Fools...

This past Thursday opened with strong performances from JJ, Chip and Dean, who unfortunately had to leave after the second heat.  Most notable was Dean's performance with the new SCX Cuda. New driver Tim showed he is really getting around the speedway as well, while Rich returned for the new series.  Scott showed up with hopeful driver Jayson. Hope they can both run some more races. Chip leads the master's class with Frank and Sam Sr. a close second and third.  The next week features SCX GT lighted, Super JGT and IROC, Asphalt modified Stockers.  Please check out the class rules and have those cars prepped accordingly.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Closed Poll On Spring Classes

Thanks to the member racers of S&S Speedway for casting your vote.  Seems there's an overwhelming interest in DTM Lighted, LMP and Trans-Am...  Vanquish returns with a strong six votes and tied at five votes are Super JGT, SCX Lighted, FLY Racing Capris and Front Motor GT classes.

Since there are four remaining classes tied, in fairness, I will create a short poll to vote on two of the remaining four classes, and the two classes which do not receive favor, will be two classes we add as the "voted in" classes.

Received an off list question concerning the Colgate motors for LMP...  We all know the real LMP world is open to any motor for fastest lap times...  At S&S, it has been tested that higher RPM motors do not necessarily provide an advantage to lap times, UNLESS, you are running Hendrickson tires, and not everyone is privy to having them, so a totally "open" LMP class creates a distinct disadvantage.  Initially, it is a reasonable thought to try Colgate motors, since they are cheap, plenitful and spec out like an NC5 and closed can, Slot-It BOXER, which cost 7 times more.  Fiddling with gear combinations and wheel diameters should provide plenty of power down the S&S straight, with just enough grunt to get through the twisties with manageable power.

This Thursday is a casual. "run for fun" night and general testing...  Along with bringing some cars to test for the spring, bring your LMP, stuff it full of a big motor you would wish to run and see how she handles... solder up a set of motor leads to a Colgate motor and bring that along too.  I, for one, will be testing the SCX Prospeed motor, and a Slot-It closed can BOXER to see how it fairs against the Colgate...  We can always modify rules, at this point, to suit the masses if the Colgate doesn't suit our needs...


Friday, March 19, 2010

SCX Corvette In-Car!!!!

Keychain Cam mountain on the roof of an SCX Corvette.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thinking Spring!

The warm weather is upon us, however we have a series to contend with before we hang up our controllers for the summer.

Here's a list of the classes we have run so far at S&S;

Carrera Group 5 lighted
Carrera GT lighted
SCX GT lighted
SCX Rally
Vintage LeMans day and night
Vintage GT
March Madness
Slot-It Group C
Vintage Can AM 1/32

Some idle chatter suggests interest in the following classes we have not run;

DTM lighted
Group 5
Front Motor GT
Vintage F1 (Cartrix style)
Spirit Pugeot Sport
NSR Classic according to national rules