S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Friday, December 9, 2011

Thursday, Dec. 8th

Close racing again this week at S&S Speedway!  Johnathan showed up with an ultra sexy Mustang that not only looked good, but ran just as well.  Trans/Am racing was VERY close...  Jr. Finished first with 74 laps and two heat wins maintaining the overall points lead with 244 laps. Sr. finished second with 74 laps and three heat wins losing to Jr by track segments, placing third int he overall points.  Tim took third place with 72 laps, placing fourth overall with 237 laps, while Chip finished fourth with 73 laps and two heat wins, losing to Chip by track segments as well. Also noteworthy, Mike and JJ secured two heat wins, with Dean Frank and Sean scoring a heat win each.

In the NSR LeMans class, Sr's white GT40 rallied 78 laps for first place and two heat wins placing him fourth overall in points with 253 laps.  Frank finished second posting 77 laps and one heat win, placing only six laps outside the overall points podium...  There's still time Frank...  JJ finished third with FOUR heat wins, 77 laps and maintains the lead int he overall points with 262 laps.  Jr. placed fourth with 76 laps and one heat win, dropping to third place in the overall points behind Tim's 256 lap total, with 254 laps.  Also noted, Sean, Johnathan and Bryan score each heat win each.  Dean secured two heat wins.  Next week features Carrera, Can Am cars and FLY Racing Capri.  Carrera cars are stock and rules we ran for the Capris are forthcoming. See you at the track!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Chicken Chucker Special Event

S&S Speedway and Grand Marshal Dean, introduced the first annual, Chicken Chucker 250.  Twelve drivers showed and ran their Slot.It C class cars hard!!  After qualifying, it appeared that Jr's Mazda was the car to beat...  Alas, his crew chief guessed wrong on tire pressure for his S1 tires and lost grip, causing a loose condition as the track came in...  Clearly the track came in for JJ who won the inaugural race by posting 213 laps in four, seven minute heats.  Jr finished second with 211 laps, Frank rallied for third place with 210 laps not far off the pace of Jr. Fourth place podium went to Tim T., who drove 207 laps.  S&S would like to thank the organizations who donated the matching trophies for this event and all who came out to race...  See you next year! This week's race info posted below photos.

This week's racing expands to KOZO Raceway park, where we will be driving Rally and GT Blue motor cars.  The Rally class will continue to run unlimited parts, (no F1 Hubs), up to blue motor specs, which include stock Mabuchi can motors that come in FLY, Scaley and such, NC5/ JP Slot Motors for NINCO, and Prospeed (not 4H) for SCX.  Cars must have two drivers and can be 2WD or 4WD configuration.  The GT class rules are the same as they have been from the summer.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Round Four

Even though 4 racers were basking in the south Florida sunshine this past Thursday, S&S showed 13 contestants for the Can AM and Group 5 class races.  Fierce competition under the lights occurred within the Group 5 class with track sections only separating first through third places!  Frank took first place with 67 laps and two heat wins, placing him in the Group 5, overall points battle.  Sr. finished second with 67 laps and three heat wins, placing him third in the overall points race.  Chip also accumulated 67 laps with two heat wins.  Dean rounded out the podiums with a fourth place finish with 66 laps.  There's only five laps separating the overall points lead from first through third place and S&S management is hopeful that the varying car models within weekly classes is providing this close racing.  In fact, if every one's lowest points were eliminated, there would be less than 10 laps separating 7 drivers.   Jr. is in jeopardy of having to park another chassis.  He finished first in Can Am with 71 laps and four heat wins, with his orange, Carrera McClaren.  Tim T. finished second with 70 laps and three heat wins.  Sr. finished third with 69 laps and three heat wins, while Frank finished fourth with one heat win and 68 laps. Jr. sits atop the season points battle with 214 laps, followed by Frank with 208 laps, Sr. with 204 laps and Dean with 203 laps.  

Since there's no formal, points racing this Thursday with the holiday break, it was suggested by Dean to run a special event this Tuesday night.  Not to steal the thunder from our unprecidented holiday this Thursday, S&S will host it's first annual, "Chicken Chucker 250"!!  Dean, being the master of ceremonies, has chosen Slot.It C class cars with the Orange bell motor.  Please check the "Car Classes" page for model reference... Drivers may choose to run any inline or sidewinder pods with any gear ratio.  Stock interiors, lead wire, guides, wheels and wheel inserts must be used.  Any braid, Slot.It tire or Slot.It axel of choice may be run. Cars may be lighted, but are not required to, since there will be no night, race segments.  Doors will open at 6:30, Racing to start at promptly at 7:30 and we will run 7 minute heats, since there's only one car class.  Even if 15 racers show, and racing starts on time, we should finish up in 2 hours.  Other notes of interest...  The Philly guys are running a 12 hour endurance race Saturday the 26th.  If anyone has a burning desire to attend, please let Jr. know this week.  Also, S&S will host another special event on Saturday, December 10th at 6PM, with a followup round of the Philly race series involving DP cars and our GT cars with rubber tires.  Please check in with the blog, as a page with rules will be forthcoming. S&S will be open Monday night from 7-?? for anyone who wants to test and tune.   See you at the track!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Third Rotation

This Past Thursday S&S hosted Trans/Am and LeMans DP cars.  Tight racing in the T/A series with just 3 laps separating the podiums.  Jr. finished first with 70 Laps, four heat wins and has to park his Mustang... Sr finished second with 69 laps and three heat wins beating JJ by track segments. JJ had two heat wins, while Tim finished fourth with 67 laps.  Most notably, Chip had three heat wins and Dean had two heat wins in T/A.

The Daytona Prototypes were dominated by JJ's new FLY car. He finished first with 78 laps and three heat wins, firmly establishing himself in the points lead for LeMans with five laps ahead of second place Tim. Speaking of Tim, he finished second with 76 laps, one heat win and moved up a few places in the points standings to second place.  Sr. finished third with 75 laps and one heat win, beating Jr. by 3/4 a lap.  Jr. had two heat wins and Dean, who finished fifth, had four heat wins, while Johnathan took one heat win.  Next week features a Carrera night of racing.  The Group 5 cars will be Carrera under the lights and the Can/Am class is just stock, Carrera cars only.  No mods except tires and added weight allowed.  See you at the track.  

Monday, November 7, 2011

Last Week's Racing

Last week's racing proved again to be very competitive.  Sr. finished first again in GT and has to park his chassis, with 77 laps and three heat wins.  JJ finished second with 76 laps and three heat wins beating SEAN, who took third place with his Mosler, by track position.  Scott rounded out the podiums with 75 laps.  Notably, Frank and Jr had two heat wins while Tim and Dean each scored a heat win.  Within the point standings, Frank and Jr are tied for third and there's only 5 laps separating first thru fourth places.

The Rally class was interesting as well with JJ finishing first with 70 laps and FOUR heat wins.  Sr finished second with 67 laps, beating Jr, who took third with three heat wins, by track segments.  Tim finished fourth with 67 laps with one heat win.  Noteworthy was Frank with two heat wins and Dean and Scott with one heat win each.  Sr. and Jr. are tied for fourth place and ten laps separate first thru fourth.  Looking at the whole picture, there's only THREE laps separating Can Am from first thru fourth and only TWO laps separating Group Five from first thru fourth. In Trans/Am, there's SIX laps separating first thru fourth, however, there's TWO ties within those points as well!!!! S&S is looking forward to the points tightening up in LeMans and Trans/AM as well this week with the flexible class rules instituted this fall!  See you at the track!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Classes For Thursday, November 10th

S&S Management dropped the ball Thursday night by not discussing the classes and rules for next week, before everyone departed...  S&S will host the LeMans and Trans /Am class.  The T/A cars will remain in stock configuration, including gearing that came with the cars.  The LeMans cars for next thursday are the RACER and FLY Daytona Prototypes.  The motor spec will be the Blue Motor for the RACER cars and the FLY cars may either run the stock long can motor, or a Blue Motor (RACER CARS MUST run the inline pod!) may be substituted if preferred...  No chassis mods required on the FLY car, simply hot glue her in...  FLY DP's may also substitute Slot.It parts such as wheels, axels and gears.  ANY gear ratio is permitted on both cars.  Cars may run lead wire, braid and tire of choice.  RACER cars must run full interiors, no Lexan and must have rear wings in place at the beginning of the race.  Inserts required on both cars. Final note...  If you are choosing to run your FLY DP stock, a simple pinion change to an 11 will yield a smooth 2.45 gear ratio for those torquey motors.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Thursday Nov. 3rd

Last week's racing was just as tight as as previous weeks with the points series tied in Trans Am and now Can Am with just three points separating first thru fourth in Can Am and just three laps separating first thru fourth in Group 5.  S&S Management is hoping the new flexible classes are an attributing factor.  Last week, Jr secured four heat wins in Can Am scoring 73 laps for first place.  Scott rallied three heat wins and 71 laps for second place.  JJ rang up one heat win and third place with 70 laps for third place while Frank rounded out the podiums with two heat wins and 69 laps.  The Group 5 racing was just as interesting, with Scott scoring four heat wins and first place with 76 laps.  JJ finished second with four heat wins and 73 laps.  Frank polished the third place trophy with 72 laps, while Jr finijhsed fourth with two heat wins and 71 laps. 

This week's line-up proves to be interesting again.  We have our grabastic GT class and a different Rally group.  Rules are the same for GT, while the Rally cars will run up to Blue Motor specs, NC5/JP Slot and the Prospeed (not 4H) for the SCX cars.  Cars can either be 2 or 4WD.  NSR cars prohibited and any NINCO cars must be an inline motor configuration.  Any lead wire, guide, braid, wheels, axels, gears, and tires of choice. See you at the track!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Thursday, Oct. 27th

Tight racing again took place last Thursday at KOZO Raceway Park. In Trans/AM, JJ took first place with 46, tying Jr. for the points lead with 100 laps each. Scott finished second with 44 laps beating out Jr's 44 laps by a half a track length.  JJ Scott and Sr accumulated three heat wins each, while Clem scored two and Sean got one heat win.  The racing in this class is VERY tight, with Sr and Tim both tied for third place in the points.

LMP saw some interesting, close laps with a blue motor and JJ finished first again with 46 laps, taking a firm points lead with 107 laps total.  Scott took second place with 44 laps, again beating Jr. by track lengths,  Tim rounded out the podium with 44 laps as well, finishing closely behind Jr. on the same lap.  JJ and Scott both secured three heat wins, while TIm took two, Dean, Frank, Jr and Sr all scored one heat win each. This week features Vanquish Can Am with either stock motor or NCR/JP slot replacement.  Vanquish cars MUST weigh between 96-100 Grams!!  All cars must run the 27 tooth ring gear, any pinion, braid, lead wire, tire of choice.  This weeks Group 5 is of a grab-ass variety.  ANY group five car so long as you have Blue motor specs.  No chassis mods or HRS chassis.  Drivers have choice of wheels (no F1) axels, gears, lead wire, braid, guide and tires of choice.  All STOCK interiors must accompany the cars. Drivers can simply run Carrera group five cars as well.  Any FLY Racing Capri cars must have appropriate motor secured in long pod openings.  See you at the track!


S&S speedway would like to congratulate our own, Dave Kennedy on his back to back National Championship wins this weekend, at Ihobby's national championship races. Dave was paired up with Mark Azaraga (sp)? and brought home the bacon in both BRM 1/24 and Scale Auto 1/24 races! I guess that makes Dave our resident 1/24 expert! Way to go Dave!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thursday, OCt. 20th

This past week S&S continued the GT series and hosted the Rally series. The GT "Blue motor" series was extremely competitive and shows the blue motors provide some great racing!  Sr. grabbed first place with 75 laps in the GT series beating JJ by track sections.  Frank finished one lap off the pace for third with 74 laps beating Jr by track sections as well.  The Rally class featured SCX cars stock with rubber tires.  Some fellas ran 4WD while others ran 2WD.  JJ finished first with a 4WD car at 64 laps.  Frank took second place with 61 laps also fielding a 4WD car.  Dave placed third running a 2WD car totaling 59 laps.  Johnathan rounded out the podium running a 4WD car with 58 laps.

This week features LeMans LMP and Stock Trans/AM.  The LMP cars must run up to Blue motor specs...  Which includes a NC5 long can for long can motor pod cars (however, a blue motor with adaptor may be permitted) and an SCX car to run up to and including, an SCX Prospeed (not 4H) motor. No chassis mods, no HRS Chassis and the stock interiors must remain.  All other components are permitted.  Any gears, axels, guide, braid, wheels and tires of choice.  F1 wheels are permitted. Trans/Am cars must retain stock motors, GEARS and all parts that came with the car (Pioneer cars may run the deeper guide that comes with the car).  Only tires and braid of choice.  See you at the track!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

This Week/ Last Week...

Again the racing was tight this week at S&S. The field ran 2.5 minute heats with Tim taking first place in Can AM with 73 laps. Scott and Dave were decided by track position with 72 laps each and Frank rounded out the podiums with a solid 71. The next round of racing, under the lights, went to JJ with 70 laps, beating Jr. by a foot. Frank placed third with 69 laps and Sr. finished fourth place with 68 laps.  This week's racing features our carry-over Grab-Ass GT and SCX Rally cars, running the stock 42 or RX 81 motor.  Cars can be either 2WD or 4WD and must run stock rubber tires. No SCX Pro cars.  There are plenty of Rally loaner cars at S&S.  See you at the track!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

September 29th

For the fist heat, Scott placed first with 61 laps, beating JJ by track position. Tim, off hiatus, shows up with a solid third place after working on his NSR Porsche. Jr. finished fourth with 59 laps narrowly beating Dean.  Within the Trans/Am class, Jr. finished first with 56 laps, followed by Sr. with 55 laps.  Dean took the third spot with 55 laps, losing second place by about 10 feet to Sr.  JJ rounded out the podium spots with 54 laps.  As always, the racing was tight!  Within Vinatge LeMans, Scott and Tim Secured three heat wins while JJ served up two heat wins.  Jr. and Dean also followed with two heat wins.  Brian and Frank took home a heat win also.  In Trans/Am, Jr. showed three heat wins while Dean, Sean and Sr. grabbed two heat wins.  Chip, Frank and Dave grabbed a heat win each as well.  This week features Can Am 1/32, (not Vanquish or the solo Carrera class, however, if all you only have is Carrera, you are in!) and Carrera Group 5 lighted.  See you at the track!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Thursday, Sept. 22nd.

The Fall/ Winter 2011 Series is about to begin.  This week we will race our Grab-@ss GT and run two practice, tuning races with Vintage LeMans and Trans Am, with the following Thursday beginning competition points.  I apologize for being a terrible host last week by forgetting to encourage a conversation as to the rules and classes for the first racing week. So...  reluctantly I chose what I felt may require the least amount of prep for the first week of racing.  We will run Vintage LeMans, 1965 to 1972 (Lolas, GT 40s, Ferraris, Porsches) up to blue motor specs.  Since several GT 40s are now represented by NSR and Slot.It, and we have the Ford P68 and Porsche 917 also represented by NSR, anyone choosing to run another manufacturers brand may upgrade the cars with Slot.It type replacement parts.  For the T/A class, lets start with a box stock type car, (just tires, braid, no gears) including the SCX Cudas and Pioneer Mustangs.  See you at the track!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fall/ Winter Class Vote


After compiling all the votes, here's how it all broke down with the winning votes bold caps:

GT- was decided without vote
LeMANS- 11
Open Wheel- 4
SCCA/ Grand Am/ IMSA- 3
Group C- 3
GROUP 5- 7
Front Motor- 3

This Thursday we will finish off our summer IROC racing, and S&S is hoping to have a new class to race.  Time permitting, 2 IROC races and our grabass GT.  Please follow the blog, class rules and series race dates for the selected classes are forthcoming.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fall & Winter Series

S&S Speedway has been in discussion of Fall/Winter Series classes and rules.  In an attempt to do something different that benefits all of our interests in model racing, 11 general classes of cars will be voted on.
This way, if someone has a favorite car, or purchases something of interest, they won't have to wait months for it to possibly get voted in, and you won't have to be stuck racing the same, perhaps, ill handling car the entire series.  For some guys who don't have a particular car, they won't be penalized by having to sit out for that class.  Here's a few examples, or supposals...

Open Wheel
Can Am
Trans Am
Group C
Group 5
Front Motor

All general classes will at least have a motor spec rule.  So let's say LeMans is voted in.  The first rotation may be Vintage, perhaps LMP is agreed upon and that's for the next rotation, maybe Porsche only for the next rotation...
Perhaps Can Am is voted in...  First rotation maybe Vanquish, possibly Carrera is agreed upon for the next rotation and lastly, 1/32 Can Am for the following.
NASCAR...  Suppose SCX is agreed upon the first rotation, then Monogram the following roatation and perhaps the new Carrera vintage the following rotation.
Or let's imagine Group 5 is voted in...  The first rotation may be stock Carrera under the lights, perhaps FLY Racing Capri are agreed upon the following rotation and any brand grab-ass the next rotation...
Suppose Open Wheel is voted in...  The first rotation may be Vintage, followed by F1/Indy Dallara, followed up with FLY March...
SCCA/Grand Am/IMSA...  Perhaps Vintage SCCA cars first rotation, Vintage IMSA cars the next (new Carrera Opels and Capri) the following rotation and Daytona Prototypes the next rotation.
Rally...  Maybe Vintage SCX the first agreed upon rotation, NINCO the following and a modern grab-ass the next....

I won't even begin to rationale GT, the possibilities there are endless and we have already agreed to continue this class into the fall.... So, these are just fluid "supposals"....  Perhaps we may run an entire roatation and say, "Screw it, too complicated, lets just do a grab-ass with a motor spec for each class, for the remainder of the series"...Please think about what you're interested in and we'll vote on FIVE MORE general classes soon at S&S.

Monday, May 23, 2011

S&S Speedway's SCX Enduro

This past Saturday 10 drivers participated within five teams in three timed heats.  A 15 minute day heat began the race followed by a 10 minute night heat under the lights.  We broke for dinner and returned for a last 15 minute day heat. It was pretty clear after the first two rotations that the team of Chip and Tim had a great handling, fast Ferrari which was going to be tough to beat. Bob and Chris flashed some early speed and consistency, but their Vette seemed to fade a bit, having what appeared to be ring gear issues.  Dean and Sr. had a fast Corvette and drove some blistering heats.  Johnathan and Jr. Drove a fairly consistent race until their silver Ferrari began to have electrical pickup issues.  Joe showed up for the first time at S&S and ran very well alongside teammate Rich, but had to leave after the first heat.  JJ showed up as a fill in driver.  Their team experienced some inconsistent car issues and had to retire a Ferrari.  

All in all, it was a long but enjoyable day.  The team of Chip and Tim finished first, Johnathan and Jr. finished second while Dean and Sr. finished third.  A HUGE thank you to Dave Kennedy for contacting Steve Sawtelle at Slot Car Corner for providing prizes and hand-outs for the participants. He was extremely generous and sent 6 SCC hats, one excellent aluminum set-up block, two drivers and many packs of his assorted screws.  Sam Sr. also created box plaques for participants as well.  First through third places received hats, first place also received the tools and the fastest lap winner, Tim, received the set-up block.  A big thanks again Steve and thanks to all who came out to race! Great driving Chip and Tim!!! Check back soon for video.

The starting field
Joe and Bob blazing
Johnathan, Bob, Chip and Rich at the stations
Dean, Johnathan, Chris and Tim
The team Vettes of Bob/Chris and Dean/Sr. battling it out through the carousel
Johnathan/Jr's Ferrari hustling through turn one
Dean/Sr's Vette coming out of turn three
Chip/Tim's Ferrari letting it hang out in the uphill essess
Bob/Chris' Vette driving the rumblers in the carousel
All business coming outta the squeeze
Dean/Sr's Vette and Rich/JJ's Ferrari screaming down the short chute before the uphill essess
Chip/Tim's Ferrari pacing everyone exiting turn eight at the top of the esses
A little night time drama
The results
Finishing Field
First Place winners Tim and Chip
Second Place winners Johnathan and Jr.
Third Place winners Dean and Sr.
Fastest Lap winner Tim

Monday, May 16, 2011

S&S Endurance II

This Saturday S&S will host the SCX GT Endurance race.  Doors will open at 10AM with practice up to qualifying at 1PM. You may select a teammate to run, however, we will qualify the remaining drivers and select teams by "Pot Luck", where as the top qualifiers are paired with the lower portion of the field randomly. This was well recieved and brought out some very competitive racing the last time.

Green flag will hopefully drop at 2PM with three heats. The following heat times are sugggested and could vary due to number or participants First heat being a 15 minute "day" heat, a 10 minute "night" heat, then we'll break for dinner at J&J's Deli, come back and finish the racing with a 20 minute "day" heat. Looking forward to seeing you at the track!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thursday, April 14th

This Thursday S&S will host SCX NASCAR and debut a new class of Slot.It Ferraris, Alfas and Chappys.  Please make sure your SCX is up to 97 grams of weight. Doors will open at 6:45 for practice.  See you at the track.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Classes Final Vote Tally

The voting has confirmed that six class choices stand out as being favorites....  Here's the totals;
NSR LeMans Classics                        8 votes
Monogram Vintage NASCAR              8 votes
Ninco GT                                        8 votes
SCX NASCAR                                  7 votes
DTM Lighted                                   6 votes
Slot.It Ferrari 312PB/ Alfa 33/3         6 votes
Porsche Cup                                   5 votes
LMP Blue Motor                               4 votes
Slot.It C Class                                 3 votes
SCX GT Lighted                               3 votes
Porsche 911                                   1 vote
FLY March F1                                  1 vote
GT1                                              1 vote
Vintage Can Am                              0

Please check the Spring Class Rules page and the Spring Class Schedule.  This week will will run NSR Classics and Monogram, Vintage NASCAR.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Slot It Endurance Race Video

Another great event at S&S Speedway. The Slot It Endurance Race was last Saturday and we had 5 dedicated teams of two drivers show up for a great day of racing!

Recently... And Such...

S&S recently hosted its first Endurance event this past Saturday and seated five teams of two drivers.  Full race coverage with photos and video coming soon.  Also, S&S finished the 2011 Winter Series with results, class winners and final tallies also forthcoming.  This Thursday, S&S will be open for Spring test and tune, and a Monogram, Vintage NASCAR fun run.... Bring out your new Monograms and silicon tires...  No modifications allowed.  

Finally, we need to come to a consensus vote on classes for a Spring Series.  The following is a list of cars we have not run and a few new suggestions.  The vote on the Spring classes will be a paper vote on Thursday night.  

Slot.It Ferrari 312PB, Alfa Romeo 33/3
Grand Am
NSR Classics
SCX GT Lighted
FLY March F1
LMP 1,2 or Challenge Blue Motor
Slot.It C Class (lighted?)
Vintage Can Am (1/32 scale) Up to Blue Motor
SCX Rally Stock tires
GT1 Up to 21.5K motor
SCX Ferrari FXX 42B
DTM Lighted Up to 19K motor
Porsche 911's  Short nose, up to 1994?   
Porsche Cup (NSR, NINCO, SCX PRO up to 21.5K motor)
Vintage Monogram NASCAR (national rules)
Slot.It Ferrari 312PB, Alfa Romeo 33/3
Grand Am

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thinking Spring....

With Spring just a couple weeks away, it may be time to start thinking about a Spring Class poll.  Recently I posted some left over classes and heard from a few about possible suggestions as well...  Here's a list of classes that should be considered for the Spring Series. Any thoughts or comments are always appreciated.

NSR Classics
SCX GT Lighted
FLY March
LMP Blue Motor
Slot.It C Class (lighted?)
Vintage Can Am (1/32 scale)
SCX Rally
SCX Ferrari FXX
DTM Lighted
Porsche 911's??   Porsche Cup (NSR, NINCO, SCX PRO)??Vintage Monogram NASCAR

Monday, March 14, 2011

Special Endurance Event: 3/19 Update

The doors will be open Saturday, March 19 at 11AM for practice, test and tune.  Track will be shut down for practice at 2:30 and a 10 lap qualifying segment to begin.  All participants will qualify and those participants who would like to select thier own running mate after qualifying may do so. All remaining drivers will be paired using the "pot luck" rule set, where the top qualifying drivers are paired with the bottom of the qualifying field. Daylight heats to begin at approx. 3PM for at least 20 minutes per heat.  We will break for a dinner run to J&J Deli following the daytime heats, and return for the night heats.  Hope to see you all at the track! Any questions feel free to contact me at the above email.  Address for your GPS is 46 East Center St., Shavertown, 18708

March 17th

Despite the foul, wet weather, six brave souls showed up Thursday to run.  We all decided the best thing to do would be to rerun last Thursday's classes, Carrera Can Am and GT Blue Motor for points this Thursday.  See you at the track!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Last Week

This is the last week of the Winter Run schedule, and will feature GT BLue motor and Carrera Can Am. Next Saturday is the S&S Slot.It endurance race, more information to follow on that.  See you at the track.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week VII

Weather hampered the number of participants, but the classes ran.  JJ secured a first place in the Capri series with 61 laps and 2 heat wins, beating his brother Scott by lane segments.  Even though Scott had three heat wins and 61 laps, it was not enough to stave off his brother.  Tim finished third with 60 laps and 2 heat wins.  Sr. rounded out the podium with 60 laps as well, falling short of Tim by lap segments as well.  Notably, Jr. and Tom P. each had a heat win.

Vintage class racing saw Jr. take first place with 54 laps, while Sr. finished second one lap behind.  Both Jr. and Sr. had 3 heat wins.  JJ fell short of second place by a few lane segments and took home third with 53 laps and 2 heat wins.  SCott rounded out the podium with 51 laps, while Tim scored a heat win.

This week features Carrera GT Lighted and Trans/Am.  Keep your calendars open, S&S's endurance race is scheduled for March 19th. Slot.It C Class cars were selected and the rules page has been posted within the blog.  See you at the track.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Leftovers? Yes... More Please....

Recently I received a message off list regarding left over classes and ones which haven't been ran/voted in some time...  To the best of my knowledge, here's a list of some of the "leftover" classes which have not made the vote and would be considerations for a Spring Series vote...  If I forgot any classes, or you have a suggestion, please post a comment. Perhaps we could ponder these selections to think ahead for a spring series....

NSR Classics
SCX GT Lighted
FLY March
LMP Blue Motor
Slot.It C Class
Vintage Can Am (1/32 scale)
SCX Rally
SCX Ferrari FXX
DTM Lighted

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week VI

This week's racing was again competitive and showcased two laps between first and fourth place podiums in Carrera Can Am.  Frank's car was dominantly fast, and scored 59 laps with three heat wins for first place.  Jr. placed second, with 2 heat wins while Sr. and JJ needed lane segments to determine third and fourth.  Both Sr. and JJ had 57 lap totals, with Sr. nabbing two heat wins.  Scott, JJ and Tom P. had one heat win each.

The competition was even closer in the GT Blue motor class, with only one lap separating first thru fourth places...  JJ took the first place podium with 59 laps and two heat wins, while lap segments determined second thru fourth, with Jr. placing second again with 58 laps and one heat win.  Sr. finished third with 58 laps and two heat wins as well.  Tim T. secured fourth with 58 laps and one heat win.  Also worth noting was Tom Gunshannon, Tom P., Dean and Tim T. securing a heat win each.  This week's racing features the final rounds of Vintage GT, and FLY Capri racing.  JJ appears to have the edge in both classes with a four lap lead over  Sr. in Vintage GT and a five lap lead over Scott in FLY Racing Capri, but....  Frank appears to field faster and faster cars each week...  Someone contact NASCAR to borrow a few of those restrictor plates please... :) 

Don't forget to vote on the March Endurance Classes for the forthcoming special event. There are seven days left to vote and it appears that Slot.It has the voting edge right now.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week V

This past week witnessed some intense Trans Am racing.  Frank finished first with 2 heat wins and 55 laps total.  JJ, Chip and Jr. tallied 54 laps with track segments determining second thru fourth. JJ and Jr. both had 2 heat wins with Chip, Tom P, Tim and Sr. winning one heat each.

Second round of the Carrera GT found Jr. taking first place with 55 laps and 4 heat wins. Sr. taking second with 51 laps and 2 heat wins. JJ secured third place with 51 laps and three heat wins. Chip rounded out the podium spot with 50 laps. Dean, Frank and Tom P each secured a heat win.  New, and up-and-comer Joe declared his affinity for Carrera cars and customer service.  Our own Dave Kennedy, N.A. Carrera representative, was there and just beaming with pride.  This week features Modern GT and Carrera Can Am. 


S&S Speedway will host a Team, Endurance Race March 19th.  Doors will open at noon for practice, with qualifying to begin at 3pm.  Heats will be at least 20 minutes in length, within two segments. We will break between the day and night heat. If you are interested, please vote on the poll as to which class of car you are interested in running.  Whichever class is selected, the cars must have a Slot.It light kit installed and the formal rules will be posted afterwards.  

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week IV

More of the same but for some different folks this week...  Seems the mechanical gremlins bit Rich, Tim T and Jr. during the Capri heats, which led to JJ winning all 4 of his heats and top lap total of 61 laps.  Even though Jr. had 3 heat wins, his car floundered mechanically in the last heat.  Sr. also gathered 3 heat wins and second place with 60 laps, narrowly beating Dean by track position for third place with 60 laps as well.  Frank finished fourth by track position as well with 1 heat win and 60 laps total.  Scott also had 1 heat win.

Vintage GT showed some spirited running by Frank with is Jag.  He won all 4 heats he completed and took first place with 54 laps.  JJ finished second with 2 heat wins and 53 laps, while Sr. placed third with 4 heat wins as well, accumulating 52 laps. Scott rounded out the fourth spot with 1 heat win and 51 laps total.  Tom P. debuted his Ferrari and secured a heat win.  This week we are running Carrera GT lighted and Trans/Am.  See you at the track.

Monday, January 31, 2011

This Week's Racing

Last week showed some interesting running with the Carrera Can Am cars. Jr. had 4 heat wins with 58 laps total, and there's rumblings his car may be torn down and Canadian teched...  JJ finished 2nd, with 2 heat wins and 57 laps.  Tim T. finished 3rd, with 2 heat wins as well, while Rich rounded out the podium with 56 laps.  Noteworthy also was Frank's Can Am heat win.  

The inaugural Modern GT Blue Motor featured some close racing, after you pass JJ's dominating performance.  JJ and Tim T. secured 4 heat wins each, with JJ tallying 60 laps, Dean snatching second place with 58 laps and Tim T. 3rd place with 57 laps.  Chip rounded out the podium with three heat wins and 56 laps total.  Clem, Tom P. and Sr. all secure a heat win as well.

This week we are running Vintage Gt and FLY Racing Capri.  There seems to be enough interest generated in running a special event.  Weather permitting, looking to do it Saturday, February 26th.  Most likely starting around 4PM.  A poll will be posted soon to voted on 3 car classes that seemed to generate enough interest, so stay tuned.  Other racers from out of the area have expressed an interest, so it's shaping up to be an interesting event.  Stay tuned....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

S&S Speedway Special Event

This past Saturday, the first round of the Northeast, NSR LeMans Classic Series kicked off at S&S.  Twelve drivers came from within the Tri-State Area to battle it out over 7 minute heats. First time racers to S&S were Dan McCollum, JJ Artfitch, Joe Pecararo and Chris Chubbuck.  While observing practice, it was clear that Dan and JJ took to the new track quickly and spent time adjusting their cars to make them better. Joe pulled his fresh GT40 from the crystal and after a gear change, worked hard on getting to know the wood twisties at S&S.  It was clear that Frank Salerno had the car to beat, posting the fastest qualifying lap with his P68, at 7.4 seconds.

After qualifying, the field was set to do battle.  JJ quickly set the pace with some consistent laps and letting the field know he meant business with his black GT40.   Jr. came in and set some quick laps and high mark totals, but Chip Bell in his Gulf GT40 was quietly posting some serious lap totals as well.  Tim Telesky forged some consistent lap totals as well in his Day-Glo Green GT40, and finished a solid 3rd. Frank Salerno had the fastest car down the straight, with some serious torque.  This torque led to one of the most majestic crashes on the S&S front stretch to date. Yet, Frank rallied his courage and handling of this monster to post a 4th place finish.  Tom Pintchuck quietly ran consistently, but couldn't find the horsepower down the straights.  He finished 5th.  Tom Gunshannon brought the doughnuts again and his sugar sweet, yellow GT40 ran smooth and quiet.  Tom finished in 6th place.  Scott Kozokas finished in 7th, while first timer, JJ finished in 8th place.  Chris Chubbuck really took well to the gutter lanes and posted some impressive totals for running S&S for the first time.  Dan McCollum ran well for his first time as well.  Robert Holt struggled a bit with his 917, and after three heats, a fierce crash with Chris' P68 broke the chassis pod and mechanical issues ensued....  We love ya anyway Bob... After the lap totals were tallied, Jr. and Chip Bell were tied with 211 laps each and not far apart.  Chip fell short just a few feet away from securing the series victory.  All in all, it was a good day and a big thanks to everyone who braved the cold, to come out, come up, or down to race at S&S.

Practice Session winding down...
Now, if we put Jr. in the wall enough times...  It should be snap to win!
What's he sneaking??
Now Bob, You know you have to lay off the Voodoo!
The foam block of shame?
Dan, JJ, Scott and Tom G. on the grid.
The heats were hot!
JJ helping out with the marshaling between heats.
JJ's GT40 Tearin' up the rumblers through Kennedy Corner!
Dan's P68 holdin' tight at the bottom of the esses!
Tim T's GT40 screamin down the front stretch!
Uh oh... Someone got squeezed!
None of us can figure out how Frank's wreck happened on the front stretch... Note the cones... Good thing he didn't damage that sweet, Hooters livery!
Taking a break between heats.
The winning ride.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Second Week

Racing at S&S this past Thursday was tight and close for sure.  In Trans Am, JJ, Jr. and Sr. secured 3 heat wins, while Scott, Dean and Tim T. rallied one heat win.    Lights out for the Carrera GT series and JJ and Jr. finished with 4 heat wins each.  Frank and Sr. had 2 heat wins, while Clem finished with 1 heat win.  Next Thursday we have the much anticipated Carrera Can Am and GT Blue Motor classes.  Saturday's doors open at 9 AM for NSR Classic practice, tech at 12:30 and the flag drops at 2 PM.  Hope to see all of you there.

Friday, January 7, 2011

First Round

The Winter Run's first round took place running timed 2.5 minute heats and JJ won 3 heats within the FLY Capri races and 4 heat wins within the Vintage series.  Scott won 3 heats in the Capri series, while Frank, Sr. and Jr. won a heat each.  Sr. captured 3 heat wins in Vintage, while Frank and Jr. each won a heat as well.  Next week's racing features Carrera GT lighted and Trans Am. Don't forget, S&S will host he first round of the NSR Classic series January 22nd. Doors open at 9 AM.  See you at the track!