S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week IV

More of the same but for some different folks this week...  Seems the mechanical gremlins bit Rich, Tim T and Jr. during the Capri heats, which led to JJ winning all 4 of his heats and top lap total of 61 laps.  Even though Jr. had 3 heat wins, his car floundered mechanically in the last heat.  Sr. also gathered 3 heat wins and second place with 60 laps, narrowly beating Dean by track position for third place with 60 laps as well.  Frank finished fourth by track position as well with 1 heat win and 60 laps total.  Scott also had 1 heat win.

Vintage GT showed some spirited running by Frank with is Jag.  He won all 4 heats he completed and took first place with 54 laps.  JJ finished second with 2 heat wins and 53 laps, while Sr. placed third with 4 heat wins as well, accumulating 52 laps. Scott rounded out the fourth spot with 1 heat win and 51 laps total.  Tom P. debuted his Ferrari and secured a heat win.  This week we are running Carrera GT lighted and Trans/Am.  See you at the track.

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