S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Monday, October 31, 2011

Thursday Nov. 3rd

Last week's racing was just as tight as as previous weeks with the points series tied in Trans Am and now Can Am with just three points separating first thru fourth in Can Am and just three laps separating first thru fourth in Group 5.  S&S Management is hoping the new flexible classes are an attributing factor.  Last week, Jr secured four heat wins in Can Am scoring 73 laps for first place.  Scott rallied three heat wins and 71 laps for second place.  JJ rang up one heat win and third place with 70 laps for third place while Frank rounded out the podiums with two heat wins and 69 laps.  The Group 5 racing was just as interesting, with Scott scoring four heat wins and first place with 76 laps.  JJ finished second with four heat wins and 73 laps.  Frank polished the third place trophy with 72 laps, while Jr finijhsed fourth with two heat wins and 71 laps. 

This week's line-up proves to be interesting again.  We have our grabastic GT class and a different Rally group.  Rules are the same for GT, while the Rally cars will run up to Blue Motor specs, NC5/JP Slot and the Prospeed (not 4H) for the SCX cars.  Cars can either be 2 or 4WD.  NSR cars prohibited and any NINCO cars must be an inline motor configuration.  Any lead wire, guide, braid, wheels, axels, gears, and tires of choice. See you at the track!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Thursday, Oct. 27th

Tight racing again took place last Thursday at KOZO Raceway Park. In Trans/AM, JJ took first place with 46, tying Jr. for the points lead with 100 laps each. Scott finished second with 44 laps beating out Jr's 44 laps by a half a track length.  JJ Scott and Sr accumulated three heat wins each, while Clem scored two and Sean got one heat win.  The racing in this class is VERY tight, with Sr and Tim both tied for third place in the points.

LMP saw some interesting, close laps with a blue motor and JJ finished first again with 46 laps, taking a firm points lead with 107 laps total.  Scott took second place with 44 laps, again beating Jr. by track lengths,  Tim rounded out the podium with 44 laps as well, finishing closely behind Jr. on the same lap.  JJ and Scott both secured three heat wins, while TIm took two, Dean, Frank, Jr and Sr all scored one heat win each. This week features Vanquish Can Am with either stock motor or NCR/JP slot replacement.  Vanquish cars MUST weigh between 96-100 Grams!!  All cars must run the 27 tooth ring gear, any pinion, braid, lead wire, tire of choice.  This weeks Group 5 is of a grab-ass variety.  ANY group five car so long as you have Blue motor specs.  No chassis mods or HRS chassis.  Drivers have choice of wheels (no F1) axels, gears, lead wire, braid, guide and tires of choice.  All STOCK interiors must accompany the cars. Drivers can simply run Carrera group five cars as well.  Any FLY Racing Capri cars must have appropriate motor secured in long pod openings.  See you at the track!


S&S speedway would like to congratulate our own, Dave Kennedy on his back to back National Championship wins this weekend, at Ihobby's national championship races. Dave was paired up with Mark Azaraga (sp)? and brought home the bacon in both BRM 1/24 and Scale Auto 1/24 races! I guess that makes Dave our resident 1/24 expert! Way to go Dave!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thursday, OCt. 20th

This past week S&S continued the GT series and hosted the Rally series. The GT "Blue motor" series was extremely competitive and shows the blue motors provide some great racing!  Sr. grabbed first place with 75 laps in the GT series beating JJ by track sections.  Frank finished one lap off the pace for third with 74 laps beating Jr by track sections as well.  The Rally class featured SCX cars stock with rubber tires.  Some fellas ran 4WD while others ran 2WD.  JJ finished first with a 4WD car at 64 laps.  Frank took second place with 61 laps also fielding a 4WD car.  Dave placed third running a 2WD car totaling 59 laps.  Johnathan rounded out the podium running a 4WD car with 58 laps.

This week features LeMans LMP and Stock Trans/AM.  The LMP cars must run up to Blue motor specs...  Which includes a NC5 long can for long can motor pod cars (however, a blue motor with adaptor may be permitted) and an SCX car to run up to and including, an SCX Prospeed (not 4H) motor. No chassis mods, no HRS Chassis and the stock interiors must remain.  All other components are permitted.  Any gears, axels, guide, braid, wheels and tires of choice.  F1 wheels are permitted. Trans/Am cars must retain stock motors, GEARS and all parts that came with the car (Pioneer cars may run the deeper guide that comes with the car).  Only tires and braid of choice.  See you at the track!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

This Week/ Last Week...

Again the racing was tight this week at S&S. The field ran 2.5 minute heats with Tim taking first place in Can AM with 73 laps. Scott and Dave were decided by track position with 72 laps each and Frank rounded out the podiums with a solid 71. The next round of racing, under the lights, went to JJ with 70 laps, beating Jr. by a foot. Frank placed third with 69 laps and Sr. finished fourth place with 68 laps.  This week's racing features our carry-over Grab-Ass GT and SCX Rally cars, running the stock 42 or RX 81 motor.  Cars can be either 2WD or 4WD and must run stock rubber tires. No SCX Pro cars.  There are plenty of Rally loaner cars at S&S.  See you at the track!