S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thursday, OCt. 20th

This past week S&S continued the GT series and hosted the Rally series. The GT "Blue motor" series was extremely competitive and shows the blue motors provide some great racing!  Sr. grabbed first place with 75 laps in the GT series beating JJ by track sections.  Frank finished one lap off the pace for third with 74 laps beating Jr by track sections as well.  The Rally class featured SCX cars stock with rubber tires.  Some fellas ran 4WD while others ran 2WD.  JJ finished first with a 4WD car at 64 laps.  Frank took second place with 61 laps also fielding a 4WD car.  Dave placed third running a 2WD car totaling 59 laps.  Johnathan rounded out the podium running a 4WD car with 58 laps.

This week features LeMans LMP and Stock Trans/AM.  The LMP cars must run up to Blue motor specs...  Which includes a NC5 long can for long can motor pod cars (however, a blue motor with adaptor may be permitted) and an SCX car to run up to and including, an SCX Prospeed (not 4H) motor. No chassis mods, no HRS Chassis and the stock interiors must remain.  All other components are permitted.  Any gears, axels, guide, braid, wheels and tires of choice.  F1 wheels are permitted. Trans/Am cars must retain stock motors, GEARS and all parts that came with the car (Pioneer cars may run the deeper guide that comes with the car).  Only tires and braid of choice.  See you at the track!

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