S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Monday, November 7, 2011

Last Week's Racing

Last week's racing proved again to be very competitive.  Sr. finished first again in GT and has to park his chassis, with 77 laps and three heat wins.  JJ finished second with 76 laps and three heat wins beating SEAN, who took third place with his Mosler, by track position.  Scott rounded out the podiums with 75 laps.  Notably, Frank and Jr had two heat wins while Tim and Dean each scored a heat win.  Within the point standings, Frank and Jr are tied for third and there's only 5 laps separating first thru fourth places.

The Rally class was interesting as well with JJ finishing first with 70 laps and FOUR heat wins.  Sr finished second with 67 laps, beating Jr, who took third with three heat wins, by track segments.  Tim finished fourth with 67 laps with one heat win.  Noteworthy was Frank with two heat wins and Dean and Scott with one heat win each.  Sr. and Jr. are tied for fourth place and ten laps separate first thru fourth.  Looking at the whole picture, there's only THREE laps separating Can Am from first thru fourth and only TWO laps separating Group Five from first thru fourth. In Trans/Am, there's SIX laps separating first thru fourth, however, there's TWO ties within those points as well!!!! S&S is looking forward to the points tightening up in LeMans and Trans/AM as well this week with the flexible class rules instituted this fall!  See you at the track!

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