S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Round Four

Even though 4 racers were basking in the south Florida sunshine this past Thursday, S&S showed 13 contestants for the Can AM and Group 5 class races.  Fierce competition under the lights occurred within the Group 5 class with track sections only separating first through third places!  Frank took first place with 67 laps and two heat wins, placing him in the Group 5, overall points battle.  Sr. finished second with 67 laps and three heat wins, placing him third in the overall points race.  Chip also accumulated 67 laps with two heat wins.  Dean rounded out the podiums with a fourth place finish with 66 laps.  There's only five laps separating the overall points lead from first through third place and S&S management is hopeful that the varying car models within weekly classes is providing this close racing.  In fact, if every one's lowest points were eliminated, there would be less than 10 laps separating 7 drivers.   Jr. is in jeopardy of having to park another chassis.  He finished first in Can Am with 71 laps and four heat wins, with his orange, Carrera McClaren.  Tim T. finished second with 70 laps and three heat wins.  Sr. finished third with 69 laps and three heat wins, while Frank finished fourth with one heat win and 68 laps. Jr. sits atop the season points battle with 214 laps, followed by Frank with 208 laps, Sr. with 204 laps and Dean with 203 laps.  

Since there's no formal, points racing this Thursday with the holiday break, it was suggested by Dean to run a special event this Tuesday night.  Not to steal the thunder from our unprecidented holiday this Thursday, S&S will host it's first annual, "Chicken Chucker 250"!!  Dean, being the master of ceremonies, has chosen Slot.It C class cars with the Orange bell motor.  Please check the "Car Classes" page for model reference... Drivers may choose to run any inline or sidewinder pods with any gear ratio.  Stock interiors, lead wire, guides, wheels and wheel inserts must be used.  Any braid, Slot.It tire or Slot.It axel of choice may be run. Cars may be lighted, but are not required to, since there will be no night, race segments.  Doors will open at 6:30, Racing to start at promptly at 7:30 and we will run 7 minute heats, since there's only one car class.  Even if 15 racers show, and racing starts on time, we should finish up in 2 hours.  Other notes of interest...  The Philly guys are running a 12 hour endurance race Saturday the 26th.  If anyone has a burning desire to attend, please let Jr. know this week.  Also, S&S will host another special event on Saturday, December 10th at 6PM, with a followup round of the Philly race series involving DP cars and our GT cars with rubber tires.  Please check in with the blog, as a page with rules will be forthcoming. S&S will be open Monday night from 7-?? for anyone who wants to test and tune.   See you at the track!!

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