S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Classes For Thursday, November 10th

S&S Management dropped the ball Thursday night by not discussing the classes and rules for next week, before everyone departed...  S&S will host the LeMans and Trans /Am class.  The T/A cars will remain in stock configuration, including gearing that came with the cars.  The LeMans cars for next thursday are the RACER and FLY Daytona Prototypes.  The motor spec will be the Blue Motor for the RACER cars and the FLY cars may either run the stock long can motor, or a Blue Motor (RACER CARS MUST run the inline pod!) may be substituted if preferred...  No chassis mods required on the FLY car, simply hot glue her in...  FLY DP's may also substitute Slot.It parts such as wheels, axels and gears.  ANY gear ratio is permitted on both cars.  Cars may run lead wire, braid and tire of choice.  RACER cars must run full interiors, no Lexan and must have rear wings in place at the beginning of the race.  Inserts required on both cars. Final note...  If you are choosing to run your FLY DP stock, a simple pinion change to an 11 will yield a smooth 2.45 gear ratio for those torquey motors.

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