S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Friday, November 11, 2011

Third Rotation

This Past Thursday S&S hosted Trans/Am and LeMans DP cars.  Tight racing in the T/A series with just 3 laps separating the podiums.  Jr. finished first with 70 Laps, four heat wins and has to park his Mustang... Sr finished second with 69 laps and three heat wins beating JJ by track segments. JJ had two heat wins, while Tim finished fourth with 67 laps.  Most notably, Chip had three heat wins and Dean had two heat wins in T/A.

The Daytona Prototypes were dominated by JJ's new FLY car. He finished first with 78 laps and three heat wins, firmly establishing himself in the points lead for LeMans with five laps ahead of second place Tim. Speaking of Tim, he finished second with 76 laps, one heat win and moved up a few places in the points standings to second place.  Sr. finished third with 75 laps and one heat win, beating Jr. by 3/4 a lap.  Jr. had two heat wins and Dean, who finished fifth, had four heat wins, while Johnathan took one heat win.  Next week features a Carrera night of racing.  The Group 5 cars will be Carrera under the lights and the Can/Am class is just stock, Carrera cars only.  No mods except tires and added weight allowed.  See you at the track.  

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