S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Friday, December 9, 2011

Thursday, Dec. 8th

Close racing again this week at S&S Speedway!  Johnathan showed up with an ultra sexy Mustang that not only looked good, but ran just as well.  Trans/Am racing was VERY close...  Jr. Finished first with 74 laps and two heat wins maintaining the overall points lead with 244 laps. Sr. finished second with 74 laps and three heat wins losing to Jr by track segments, placing third int he overall points.  Tim took third place with 72 laps, placing fourth overall with 237 laps, while Chip finished fourth with 73 laps and two heat wins, losing to Chip by track segments as well. Also noteworthy, Mike and JJ secured two heat wins, with Dean Frank and Sean scoring a heat win each.

In the NSR LeMans class, Sr's white GT40 rallied 78 laps for first place and two heat wins placing him fourth overall in points with 253 laps.  Frank finished second posting 77 laps and one heat win, placing only six laps outside the overall points podium...  There's still time Frank...  JJ finished third with FOUR heat wins, 77 laps and maintains the lead int he overall points with 262 laps.  Jr. placed fourth with 76 laps and one heat win, dropping to third place in the overall points behind Tim's 256 lap total, with 254 laps.  Also noted, Sean, Johnathan and Bryan score each heat win each.  Dean secured two heat wins.  Next week features Carrera, Can Am cars and FLY Racing Capri.  Carrera cars are stock and rules we ran for the Capris are forthcoming. See you at the track!

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