S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Sunday, January 23, 2011

S&S Speedway Special Event

This past Saturday, the first round of the Northeast, NSR LeMans Classic Series kicked off at S&S.  Twelve drivers came from within the Tri-State Area to battle it out over 7 minute heats. First time racers to S&S were Dan McCollum, JJ Artfitch, Joe Pecararo and Chris Chubbuck.  While observing practice, it was clear that Dan and JJ took to the new track quickly and spent time adjusting their cars to make them better. Joe pulled his fresh GT40 from the crystal and after a gear change, worked hard on getting to know the wood twisties at S&S.  It was clear that Frank Salerno had the car to beat, posting the fastest qualifying lap with his P68, at 7.4 seconds.

After qualifying, the field was set to do battle.  JJ quickly set the pace with some consistent laps and letting the field know he meant business with his black GT40.   Jr. came in and set some quick laps and high mark totals, but Chip Bell in his Gulf GT40 was quietly posting some serious lap totals as well.  Tim Telesky forged some consistent lap totals as well in his Day-Glo Green GT40, and finished a solid 3rd. Frank Salerno had the fastest car down the straight, with some serious torque.  This torque led to one of the most majestic crashes on the S&S front stretch to date. Yet, Frank rallied his courage and handling of this monster to post a 4th place finish.  Tom Pintchuck quietly ran consistently, but couldn't find the horsepower down the straights.  He finished 5th.  Tom Gunshannon brought the doughnuts again and his sugar sweet, yellow GT40 ran smooth and quiet.  Tom finished in 6th place.  Scott Kozokas finished in 7th, while first timer, JJ finished in 8th place.  Chris Chubbuck really took well to the gutter lanes and posted some impressive totals for running S&S for the first time.  Dan McCollum ran well for his first time as well.  Robert Holt struggled a bit with his 917, and after three heats, a fierce crash with Chris' P68 broke the chassis pod and mechanical issues ensued....  We love ya anyway Bob... After the lap totals were tallied, Jr. and Chip Bell were tied with 211 laps each and not far apart.  Chip fell short just a few feet away from securing the series victory.  All in all, it was a good day and a big thanks to everyone who braved the cold, to come out, come up, or down to race at S&S.

Practice Session winding down...
Now, if we put Jr. in the wall enough times...  It should be snap to win!
What's he sneaking??
Now Bob, You know you have to lay off the Voodoo!
The foam block of shame?
Dan, JJ, Scott and Tom G. on the grid.
The heats were hot!
JJ helping out with the marshaling between heats.
JJ's GT40 Tearin' up the rumblers through Kennedy Corner!
Dan's P68 holdin' tight at the bottom of the esses!
Tim T's GT40 screamin down the front stretch!
Uh oh... Someone got squeezed!
None of us can figure out how Frank's wreck happened on the front stretch... Note the cones... Good thing he didn't damage that sweet, Hooters livery!
Taking a break between heats.
The winning ride.

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