S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Monday, May 23, 2011

S&S Speedway's SCX Enduro

This past Saturday 10 drivers participated within five teams in three timed heats.  A 15 minute day heat began the race followed by a 10 minute night heat under the lights.  We broke for dinner and returned for a last 15 minute day heat. It was pretty clear after the first two rotations that the team of Chip and Tim had a great handling, fast Ferrari which was going to be tough to beat. Bob and Chris flashed some early speed and consistency, but their Vette seemed to fade a bit, having what appeared to be ring gear issues.  Dean and Sr. had a fast Corvette and drove some blistering heats.  Johnathan and Jr. Drove a fairly consistent race until their silver Ferrari began to have electrical pickup issues.  Joe showed up for the first time at S&S and ran very well alongside teammate Rich, but had to leave after the first heat.  JJ showed up as a fill in driver.  Their team experienced some inconsistent car issues and had to retire a Ferrari.  

All in all, it was a long but enjoyable day.  The team of Chip and Tim finished first, Johnathan and Jr. finished second while Dean and Sr. finished third.  A HUGE thank you to Dave Kennedy for contacting Steve Sawtelle at Slot Car Corner for providing prizes and hand-outs for the participants. He was extremely generous and sent 6 SCC hats, one excellent aluminum set-up block, two drivers and many packs of his assorted screws.  Sam Sr. also created box plaques for participants as well.  First through third places received hats, first place also received the tools and the fastest lap winner, Tim, received the set-up block.  A big thanks again Steve and thanks to all who came out to race! Great driving Chip and Tim!!! Check back soon for video.

The starting field
Joe and Bob blazing
Johnathan, Bob, Chip and Rich at the stations
Dean, Johnathan, Chris and Tim
The team Vettes of Bob/Chris and Dean/Sr. battling it out through the carousel
Johnathan/Jr's Ferrari hustling through turn one
Dean/Sr's Vette coming out of turn three
Chip/Tim's Ferrari letting it hang out in the uphill essess
Bob/Chris' Vette driving the rumblers in the carousel
All business coming outta the squeeze
Dean/Sr's Vette and Rich/JJ's Ferrari screaming down the short chute before the uphill essess
Chip/Tim's Ferrari pacing everyone exiting turn eight at the top of the esses
A little night time drama
The results
Finishing Field
First Place winners Tim and Chip
Second Place winners Johnathan and Jr.
Third Place winners Dean and Sr.
Fastest Lap winner Tim

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