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Monday, August 15, 2011

Fall & Winter Series

S&S Speedway has been in discussion of Fall/Winter Series classes and rules.  In an attempt to do something different that benefits all of our interests in model racing, 11 general classes of cars will be voted on.
This way, if someone has a favorite car, or purchases something of interest, they won't have to wait months for it to possibly get voted in, and you won't have to be stuck racing the same, perhaps, ill handling car the entire series.  For some guys who don't have a particular car, they won't be penalized by having to sit out for that class.  Here's a few examples, or supposals...

Open Wheel
Can Am
Trans Am
Group C
Group 5
Front Motor

All general classes will at least have a motor spec rule.  So let's say LeMans is voted in.  The first rotation may be Vintage, perhaps LMP is agreed upon and that's for the next rotation, maybe Porsche only for the next rotation...
Perhaps Can Am is voted in...  First rotation maybe Vanquish, possibly Carrera is agreed upon for the next rotation and lastly, 1/32 Can Am for the following.
NASCAR...  Suppose SCX is agreed upon the first rotation, then Monogram the following roatation and perhaps the new Carrera vintage the following rotation.
Or let's imagine Group 5 is voted in...  The first rotation may be stock Carrera under the lights, perhaps FLY Racing Capri are agreed upon the following rotation and any brand grab-ass the next rotation...
Suppose Open Wheel is voted in...  The first rotation may be Vintage, followed by F1/Indy Dallara, followed up with FLY March...
SCCA/Grand Am/IMSA...  Perhaps Vintage SCCA cars first rotation, Vintage IMSA cars the next (new Carrera Opels and Capri) the following rotation and Daytona Prototypes the next rotation.
Rally...  Maybe Vintage SCX the first agreed upon rotation, NINCO the following and a modern grab-ass the next....

I won't even begin to rationale GT, the possibilities there are endless and we have already agreed to continue this class into the fall.... So, these are just fluid "supposals"....  Perhaps we may run an entire roatation and say, "Screw it, too complicated, lets just do a grab-ass with a motor spec for each class, for the remainder of the series"...Please think about what you're interested in and we'll vote on FIVE MORE general classes soon at S&S.

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