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S&S Speedway

Monday, March 22, 2010

Closed Poll On Spring Classes

Thanks to the member racers of S&S Speedway for casting your vote.  Seems there's an overwhelming interest in DTM Lighted, LMP and Trans-Am...  Vanquish returns with a strong six votes and tied at five votes are Super JGT, SCX Lighted, FLY Racing Capris and Front Motor GT classes.

Since there are four remaining classes tied, in fairness, I will create a short poll to vote on two of the remaining four classes, and the two classes which do not receive favor, will be two classes we add as the "voted in" classes.

Received an off list question concerning the Colgate motors for LMP...  We all know the real LMP world is open to any motor for fastest lap times...  At S&S, it has been tested that higher RPM motors do not necessarily provide an advantage to lap times, UNLESS, you are running Hendrickson tires, and not everyone is privy to having them, so a totally "open" LMP class creates a distinct disadvantage.  Initially, it is a reasonable thought to try Colgate motors, since they are cheap, plenitful and spec out like an NC5 and closed can, Slot-It BOXER, which cost 7 times more.  Fiddling with gear combinations and wheel diameters should provide plenty of power down the S&S straight, with just enough grunt to get through the twisties with manageable power.

This Thursday is a casual. "run for fun" night and general testing...  Along with bringing some cars to test for the spring, bring your LMP, stuff it full of a big motor you would wish to run and see how she handles... solder up a set of motor leads to a Colgate motor and bring that along too.  I, for one, will be testing the SCX Prospeed motor, and a Slot-It closed can BOXER to see how it fairs against the Colgate...  We can always modify rules, at this point, to suit the masses if the Colgate doesn't suit our needs...


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  1. I so badly wanted to run my cheater fly vette :(