S&S Speedway

S&S Speedway

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thursday August 5th

S&S Speedway will IROC race this Thursday evening, featuring two NEW IROC classes.  This past Thursday featured very close, heat racing again with Chip taking first with 112 laps and 4 heat wins, Tim in second with 111 laps and 5 heat wins, Jr. in third with 110 laps and 3 heat wins, while Frank finished fourth with 109 laps and 2 heat wins.  Both Sr. and Johnathan finished with 3 heat wins. S&S Speedway is also on the verge of securing an additional two new IROC classes for future racing, taking IROC class totals to 10 IROC classes.  A poll will be posted soon for possible Fall series classes.  It has been suggested that S&S Speedway continue to feature IROC racing classes within regular series racing as well. We all have many classes of slot cars at home we like to race, and track management will do its best to combine class interests with IROC interests.

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